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This Week in Podcasting February 12-18

I should start off this week by apologizing for missing an entry last week. I was spending a few days at Walt Disney World and the more than relaxing conditions at our Sheraton Vistana Villa made for a bit of a hostile writing environment. I would like to tell you all that it wont happen again. Yes, I would like to tell you that......

Minnie Minxes Episode 1: This is yet another new Disney podcast. The one thing that separates this show a bit was the amount of hype that hosts Kim and Laura put behind the show leading up to the first episode. This show, like every theme park podcast from the UK, is a heavily segment based podcast. I think the Brits have cornered the market when it comes to segment based podcasting. The first episode starts off a little bit rough audio wise. In the introduction segment co host Kim kind of sounds like she is broadcasting from the bottom of the ocean using a paper cup. Her audio quality does not get much better throughout the show. I found myself having to constantly adjust the volume on my ipod while listening to this episode. Aside from the audio difficulty, the majority of this show is very decent. The two ladies have had some experience on other Disney podcast and they bring a lot of spirit to the table. The girls do bring an interesting take on the parks, and you can tell they are true fans, who enjoy talking about Disney. This weeks show content is standard for any first show for a podcast. Its alright, but not must hear information. I imagine as time goes on the girls will offer up some choice, quality content. I really hope they are able to fix the audio quality, because this show would be a great edition to any theme park podcasting fan. Lord knows if I tried doing a podcast by myself it wouldn't sound anywhere near as good as this show does.     

 Dis Unplugged February 15:  Anyone who has heard me talk more than 10 minutes about Disney podcasting is going to find this next statement a bit shocking. This weeks Dis Unplugged show
 was quite enjoyable.  Maybe its because host Pete was away, whats new there though, or maybe it was because the content on this weeks show was decent, useful, and informative. I often find myself in a hypocritical catch 22 when it comes to the Dis Unplugged show. I am a subscriber to the Eric Bischoff philosophy of "Controversy Creates Cash". I love to hear shows where the group criticizes and lays into Disney for their greedy ways. I hate listening to a show where they only spew Disney love, and "everything Disney does is amazing and perfect!" On the other hand, I often times find this show unlistenable because the group does nothing but complain??!! This week the Dis crew gives a review of some Animal Kingdom lodge counter service dining and they also give a well rounded and informative look at the new Magic Kingdom game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Their views and opinions are grounded, and very in touch with the average WDW fan. For a show that has been sliding down hill for the last year or so, this week podcast is a decent listen with some useable information.

Dis After Dark Episode 2: I love this shows opening line, "Warning, this show childish adult content and is intended for immature mature audiences!" This is such a different show. I do not know what I was expecting but I was not expecting this. The hosts have an almost unashamed disposition. They are so upfront and honest with their views its refreshing. Usually when you get a "mature" podcast like this one, the general content and information from the show is top notch. Both hosts are up front and make it a point to tell you how they feel without holding anything back. On episode 2 they discuss some Disneyland Paris news, talk about the new Habit Heroes game at EPCOT, and they Nick has a choice rant about the general theme of Universal Orlando's Ride the Movies campaign. The show's Stupid Question is very funny and I am looking forward to more of these in the future. Yet another new Disney podcast, this one has managed to grab a lot of attention, and stand out from the other Disney podcast "noise." The hosts approach to their show isn't up tight or overly stressful which translates to the audience. Its a nice, funny, and strangely enough, peaceful listen. Nothing too overcharged or rushed.     

Disneybrit Episode 88: This podcast is a good example of give and take. The host are extremely personable and likeable. The show is a little bit of a chore for me to listen to though. Ok, maybe saying it is a chore is a bit harsh but I do find my mind wondering while listening to this weeks show in particular. Dont get me wrong, its not the hosts fault, its mine. A lot of the content on this weeks show is focused on Disneyland Paris, and as someone who is not interested in DLP I just did not connect with this weeks show like usual. I really wish I could put myself in the perfect mood and perfect setting when listening to a podcast but that is not always the case. Outside of the DLP talk the team did touch on some of the recent WDW news including the new Art of Animation artwork, new fastpass rules, and more. The save UK Vinylmation segment did not click with me either. I really do not mean to rag on the show, but I just did not find it too terribly relate able. The information was useful, and important but for someone who lives in the US, this weeks show was a too much Brit. The crew does get major points for putting the Brit in Disneybrit. Useful for those of you who live in the UK, but not as much for us Yanks.      

SHOW OF THE WEEK: The Rotoscopers Episodes 1 and 2: Ok, so im cheating. Ok, ok, so im really cheating. I'm including a podcast from two weeks ago, but this show isnt even a theme park podcast. With the risk of this blog sounding repetitive, I am a hypocrite! It's true, but I believe this show deserves tons of recognition, and accolades. The three young hosts have chosen to tackle some very difficult subjects and they are wading out into what are uncharted waters. I dont even know where to begin, but ill try. The show is billed as, "A podcast for animation addicts. Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything in between!" I was already sold on the idea from there. Within the first 15 minutes of listening to episode 1 my mind was blown. Just when I thought I had heard everything there was to hear about Disney, this group opened up a new door for me. The hosting crew consist of two girls, one a self described "Disney Freakazoid", and the other a professional singer/Disney fan. Now I dont want to come across as sexist, but a lot of the times when I hear women on podcast their voice comes across as loud, whiny, and some are just unlistenable. Most of the time, they are over excited because of the subject matter, and maybe that accounts for the high pitch sound that sends me reeling. That being said, these two girls have bucked that trend for me and I find theme extremely listenable, likeable, and funny. The other host is Mason Smith who is an animation student at BYU. Put these three hosts together and you have some of the best podcasting I have heard. The show content is so well researched and thought out I was swimming in information. Keep in mind that the crew has only put out two shows, but they sound like they have been friends and co host for years and years. I could go on for days about this young show, but let me just say that. 1. Its not a theme park podcast 2. ANY Disney/animation fan will find it very informative and 3. This show is a growing on me like algae in the lagoon at Animal Kingdom. This, im sure, is not the last you will hear about this show.         


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