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2012 Top Ten Theme Park Podcasts! Numbers 3-1

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These reviews are my personal opinions of each podcast. Your Top Ten list may be something completely different than mine. Agree or disagree, feel free to comment, tweet, or email me your thoughts and opinions!

3: DisGeek Podcast (Rank LY --)     Rating PG

For me, this show is the premier source for news, history, and information on the Disneyland. Hosted by Daniel Hale, this show covers a wide range of topics; from touring, history, news, and more the DisGeek podcast has really set itself apart from the others. And to be completely honest, I have yet to find another Disneyland based podcast that comes close to what this show has to offer! Now that is not to say there are no other good Disneyland based shows out there, I have yet to find them though. With DisGeek podcast breaking the number 90 spot this year on iTunes Places and Travel category, DisGeek has cemented itself as one of the most popular and must listen to shows for Disney fans in 2012!

STRENGTHS: Without a doubt the strongest asset to this show is the stellar top notch group of co host that backup Daniel. From Tommy and Chris Allison, the father and son team to Jay Brattain, the oft surly co host who brings some of the stronger opinions to the show. This group has great charisma and work together really well. After his brother left the show earlier this year, I was a bit afraid and cautious that the show would not hold up, but Daniel has done a great job at bringing quality content to his listeners each and every week!  

WEAKNESS: To be honest, the weaknesses for this show are not so much the fault of the host as they are the fault of the well from which the show draws it content from. Being a show that is solely based on Disneyland and California Adventure, the show is limited in what it can cover. Luckily for Daniel this was a banner year for the Disneyland Resort with the Mouse opening up Cars Land and other huge additions to the California Adventure park. The main concern in the future will be what to do on a “slow news week?” To answer this I would recommend that the show try and venture a bit further into Disney history and focus more on Walt himself. And to be honest that is my one gripe with this show. a small gripe and a bit of a stretch at that.     

2: WDWNT(Rank LY 5)       Rating PG-13

During my review last year of this show I said that the show wa getting better and better. During the middle part of this year I was seriously asking myself if this was going to be my number 1 show for 2012. I came to realize that host Tom Coreless did what I thought was nearly impossible; he made the show better. The crew got more focused, the content got more detailed, and their news coverage was almost second to none this year. With the addition of Scarlett Litton to the hosting crew, WDWNT became even more of a must listen show. It would seem that host Tom Coreless is even more dedicated to this show and its content now more than ever. There is a certain dynamic about this show that I do not think will ever be matched by any other podcast.

STRENGTHS: 4 words; Back to the Future! This is the history segment that takes a long, detailed look at former Disney World attractions. Tom and his team do an excellent job at researching and chronicling the full history of whatever attraction they are discussing. Without a doubt this is my favorite segment in all of theme park podcasting. During the segment you get to hear the WDWNT crew at their best. With the vast diversity of differing opinions the crew often gets heated, passionate, and exercised when defending their opinion. That kind of heated discussion makes for a great podcast, no matter what the content is.

WEAKNESS: The weaknesses for this show are somewhat few and far between but if there is one thing that kind of gets me upset about this show it is the stubbornness of some of the host to admit that nothing that exist outside of WDW is good. While I know that a lot of people are hardcore WDW fans, it is outright lunacy to not give Universal Studios the credit it is due. And if anything, the burgeoning success and popularity of USF will only serve Disney fans in the end as the Mouse works that much harder to keep pace. When I hear some of the WDWNT host talk about Universal Studios like nothing more than a glorified Six Flags I tend to take everything else they say with a grain of salt. If you are blinded so much by the Mouse that any other theme park isn't even decent to you, then you tend to lose a little bit of credibility with me.

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1: Wedway Radio (Rank LY 4)        Rating PG

This is it! Without a doubt, no argument, no second guessing; this is my favorite theme park podcasts for 2012! Wedway Radio is a great source for Disney history, and to be honest, that is the original reason I started listening to theme park podcasts. The way Matt and Nate Parrish approach their shows is second to none. If you want to find a great source for complete Disney history then this is the place. The amount of details, facts, and research that goes into this show is amazing. Just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about Disney the brothers Parrish come out with another great show. While very popular, this may be the most underrated show out there. Having topped the iTunes places and travel charts at number 73 in mid October, this show should find its way on everyone's top ten list!

STRENGTHS: One of the truly great things about Wedway Radio is that the hosts do not just focus on WDW or Disneyland history. They often walk the listener through the history of many Disney hotels, movies, tv specials, and more. This year Matt and Nate decided to go in a bit of a new direction and add a companion news show WEDWAY NOW! I was fortunate enough to be a guest one edition of the show. And while WEDWAY NOW has had some trouble keeping up with the ever changing news cycle, it did introduce a neat concept in which Matt and Nate bring on podcasters each week to talk about the news. Since the history of the Disney Company is almost never ending and so extensive, I see this show soaring to even greater heights in 2013. I really hope the hosts stay as dedicated, committed and passionate about Disney history as they are today.         

WEAKNESS: I am finding a hard time trying to come up with a true weakness for this show. while no show is perfect, this show comes darn close. If I did have to pick one small, tiny gripe with this show it would be the ending of each show. now don’t get me wrong, Fantasmic is my favorite Disney nighttime show, but I think podcasts that chose Fantasmic as music bed or ending is a bit of a cop out. I would like to see the ending music sequence of this show be as creative and unique as the beginning of each episode of Wedway Radio.

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