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This Week in Podcasting: January 22-28

Disney, Indiana Episode 92: I should start off this review by saying that I am from Indianapolis, Indiana so this show gets major points from me from the start for its name alone. I am a big fan of shows where you sit the hosts down and let them talk nonstop for hours on end. No cuts, no edits, and no pausing. After listening to shows like Mouse Lounge and Disney, Indiana, I am warming up to segment based shows. I am very impressed with the production quality of this show. This week the crew takes a comprehensive look at Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. They start off their shows by giving a very detailed run down on the making of and history of the movie. Then they toss in some audio of well known Beauty and the Beast songs. The songs they present are some rare ones. Foreign versions and I think a Broadway version makes its way into the podcast. The scripted segments are a little bit corny for my taste but the show overall is very impressive. My fellow Hoosiers, Scott and Tracey should be very proud with this high quality and entertaining production they have!  

Generation Mouse Episode 50: This is another one of those underrated shows that I do not hear many fans talking about. This show is so funny. The young group of hosts really have a passion and love for WDW, and it really shows in their podcast! This week they revisit the topic of their first show. They give their top 5 must do’s in Disney. The subject has been done before but the spin that this crew gives the topic makes it worth listening to. Their views and ideas are a breath of fresh air and a joy to listen to. The group also does a great job at giving a different, non standard, set of top 5 things to do at WDW. They market their show as opinions from young adults but this show can appeal to any age group. You can tell in their voices that, while young, this group is filled with true professionals. They also have a lot of charisma which is very important for a group of podcast hosts.   

Dis Dad Episode 22: I am not a dad, yet…so I did not think I would find this podcast useful. I assumed it was a panel of dads talking what they do at WDW while their wives and kids ride the rides and see the shows. My assumption that this podcast would be so one dimensional and uninteresting was completely wrong! This week’s show started off a little bit slow. Hosts Ryan, Aaron, Eric, and Carl started off by talking about their opinions of the WDW monorail resorts. The topic seemed a bit forced, and the crew did not seem to be too into it for the first half of the show. They did give some good advice and info, but the segment just didn’t connect with me. Maybe I was in a bad mood or distracted. For some reason, unknown to me, about halfway into the show, the podcast picked up a lot of steam and really caught, and kept my attention. They begin to throw fact after fact at the audience and I found myself really enjoying this week’s show. They panel puts guest Carl on the hot seat and gives him 10 questions to answer. The show all together is good. Not fantastic, but I will definitely give their next show a listen and I look forward to hearing a whole new perspective on Disney.   

Your Mousecast #41: The hosts this week are joined by Adam Goodger of Disney Brit to talk about MouseMeets 2012. Adam does a good job at keeping up with the hosts interesting sense of humor and gets across some really good info to those who are interested in going to the event in the U.K. The segment is funny and informative; what more could you ask for? The hosts are also joined by a fan who gives a very funny trip report from her latest trip to WDW. All of this along with the unique look on the news from the Your Mousecast crew makes this week’s show standard fare; very funny, quick, witty, and informative. I am continually impressed with the crew’s ability to keep the show so humorous yet informative at the same time!   

Show of the Week: Mouse Lounge Season 6 Episode 10: Let me start off by saying that I think the Mouse Lounge podcast may be the most underrated show out there today. Gary Chambers is a true professional and deserves a lot of credit for the high quality production he puts on. This week he brings his fans a show that is filled with some of the best Disney audio I have heard so far this year. Featured in this week’s show is a trip around EPCOT’s World Showcase. Gary brings us audio of live music performances from each country around the lagoon. As someone who is not the biggest EPCOT fan, this music was new to me, and I genuinely found it entertaining, Gary also mixes in a Danny Kaye introduction to World Showcase, and a special Illuminations mix, but the segments that started this week’s show truly made this week’s editions of the Mouse Lounge a must listen. Gary digs out, from the BBC archives, a Russell Davis piece about Walt Disney. Davis interviews a young Walt, and gets some interesting insight into the man behind the mouse. Mouse Lounge host Chambers also presents a Disney Archive, and Capitol Records 1954 hit, Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Party. This week’s Mouse Lounge was more than a joy to listen to.  


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