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This Week in Podcasting June 10-16

Coaster Radio Episode 635: I am always a little bit at a loss for words when trying to do a review of Coaster Radio. Not because the show is bad but because on some shows there is a lack of a central theme and that can drive a reviewer crazy when trying to flesh out to a reader what the show is about. That being said, this weeks show starts off with a very well done trip report from a Coaster Radio fan from California Adventures new Cars Land. The fan doing the trip report is very focused and gave a great job giving a description of the new land and with sharing what Disney did well and what Disney didn’t do well. Mike and EB are very quick and very funny. They do a great job at keeping the show fresh and keeping the audience entertained. They continue the shows with another trip report and then they go through some listener about different parks around the country. This week’s show is “light” on content but what they do discuss is well worth listening to. Typically I am not the biggest fan of a listener question or listener email show but I still enjoyed the show. I just wasn’t blown away by this week’s offering form Mike and EB, and that is rare. Still give it a listen just don’t expect too much.

Disney, IndianaEpisode 102: I am not the biggest fan of shows that rely really heavily on scripts and segment gimmicks. Disney, Indiana is a heavily, partially fictional, scripted show, and I just cannot get into it at all. I listen to shows for news and information; not gimmicks and scripted non sense. Ok, maybe nonsense is a harsh word, but I am not a fan of that sort of thing at all. Its simply annoying, and corny to hear the same prerecorded and heavily scripted promos every show. After the scripted bit, the hosts get into the real topic of this weeks show. This week they talk about their upcoming trip to Disneyland. The whole idea of Disney, Indiana being a town and having a movie theatre and being able to buy an address there is novel, but the novelty has worn off for me and I really am not seeing that much value in the gimmick. I must say that I do like the audio from the Disney promotions and commercials that are put into the show. The hosts do give a great run down of what is going on at the new Cars Land. Very detailed and well done. For the most part I think this show is worth the listen, its just a few small bad spots that kind of make it a little bit of a difficult listen.     

 DisDads Episode 32: This week the DisDads take on a topic that every Disney World Fanboy cam appreciate and get excited about. The topic of this week’s show is Blue Sky Animal Kingdom. The dads talk about what attractions, restaurants, shows, etc. they would rip out of Animal Kingdom. They even go a little bit further and discuss what they would take the time to rehab in the park also. I was a little bit ho hum about this topic because I was afraid I was going to get the usual, “Rip out Dinoland”, and “Fix the Yeti” comments. That was a part of the show but it was not the main focus. The dads take the time to really think about what they would do to the park and how those moves would affect them and the ways they tour the parks. Main host Erin does a great job at keeping the show on track and really forcing the other hosts to defend and expand on their ideas and opinions. Even though I disagree with about half of what the panel said on this show, I still have to applaud them for putting on a great show this week and giving their audience a great topic and providing some really great content. I really hope to hear more shows like this and I really hope the DisDads continue to offer up more of this type of critical and creative show content.  

Show of the Week: Generation Mouse Episode 65: To be honest I should say that I am a fan of the Generation Mouse podcast, but when I saw the title of this weeks show on the iTunes run down I was very hesitant to download it. In fact, I waited two days before I finally downloaded the show and my expectations we set very, very low. Why? The title of this weeks show is, “Once Upon a Time”. I knew right from the start that the Gen Mouse crew would be discussing the ABC series Once Upon a Time. From the time the show started I had absolutely zero interest in the show, and a lot of the podcasts that were dedicated to it. I bit my tongue, took a deep breath, and made a promise to try to get myself through, at least, the first 15 minutes of this podcast. I should say that I really do applaud the crew for not taking the “Cars Land” bait like every other podcast did this week. They took a step away from their original content and talked about something different. The reason why they did this is because they are very passionate about this tv show, and that passion shows on this weeks show when they run down the entire seasons happenings.  As a word of caution, they do tell you everything that happens on Once Upon a Time; spoilers and all. Not only did they keep my attention for the entire podcast, but not I am going to make an effort to watch Once Upon a Time. Their opinions and analysis of the tv show is well thought out, and articulate. At times host Mark does get confused about some of the details but the girls straighten him out. I do warn that this week’s podcast is not for everyone. They kind of get mired in the minute details of the show and get into a lot of, “Well so and so met so and so, and then had a fight with so and so, because he didn’t like so and so”. It can get a little confusing at times, but if you hang in there it is worth it. Again, no theme park history, news, or stories this week. But they do have a really great discussion about a TV show that I previously had no interest in. Thanks to this week’s Generation Mouse podcast I am going to give Once Upon a Time a shot.   

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