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This Week in Podcasting June 17-23

Dave’s Disney View 6/17/12: Grrrrr. This was a show where when I saw the title I got really excited, but was less than impressed with the finished product. This is my second time listening to DDV and I had heard some really good things about the show. Host Dave sounds like a really nice guy and seems to know a lot more than your average Disney podcaster about WDW. The title of this weeks show is “100 Things at Walt Disney World”. Dave is going to go down his bucket list of 100 things to do at WDW. The mere thought of this kind of a countdown on a podcast had me very excited.  I downloaded the show and notices that there was something wrong. The length of the show is only 23 minutes long. Was Dave going to break up these 100 things over the course of a few shows? It turns out Dave is going to tackle all 100 things in 23 minutes? How is that possible? Dave starts his show off and begins to race down his list. He spends maybe about 15 seconds on each topic. This is such a shame because Dave is so articulate and has some really great ideas for things to do. I really think he should have spent more time on these activities and maybe broke this topic up into a few different shows. As I listened to Dave race down his list I thought about what a waste this was and I felt a little bit “robbed”. Dramatic I know, but I walked away from this show wanting so much more. It felt like this list was a chore for Dave and he was going so fast just to get through the list. This show was a good listen, but you will walk away frustrated because the host did not spend much time on different topics. I did enjoy the show, but when it was over, I was very, very upset. Maybe next time…

Of Mice and MenEpisode 38: Not to be confused with the Of Mouse and Man show, this show brings a different type of content and offers a different type of laugh. This was my first time listening to this show and I really was not sure what to expect. The show is hosted by a few different characters that each bring a type of flavor to this show. Hosted by Jason, Brian, Ally, and Brittany, this show is not as polished and professional as WDW Radio, but it has a certain immature, innocent quality to it that will keep you guessing. Some listeners like structure and a rigid format. If you do then this show may not be the show for you. The crew starts out with a set of topics and segments but they seem to have a hard time sticking to it. That is not always a bad thing though. To listen to the crew drive the car off the cliff and then desperately try and fail to get it back on the road is funny and entertaining. This group obviously loves Disney and they have a true passion for it. They know their stuff and seem to get along with each other very well. There was one major glaring pothole sixed problem with this show. About halfway into the show one of the hosts decides to open a bag of chips and eat them right in front of his microphone. While at the time this made have seemed like a funny and cool bit, it turned out to be just annoying and a massive turn off for me. I really was interested in what the host was saying, but to have to listen crunching and chewing really was not the thing to keep me engaged with the show. This week they talk about some of the recent Disney news, and other general Disney chatter. If they can avoid that kind of stuff in the future and maybe focus a bit more on their topics, this show will be a must listen each time it is released.     

3 Moms and the MouseEpisode 37: Again, a Disney podcast about moms preparing for a trip to Disney? Eh, im not so sure about this. As previously documented, as a 25 year old nerd, I have a hard time relating to these kinds of shows. This weeks show is about what the moms do to stretch their dollars when at WDW. The moms are very knowledgeable and personable. I was impressed about how experienced they are and how well they deliver their advice. Unlike some of the other Disney mommy shows out there, I do not get the vibe that these moms are as protective of their kids. I start to roll my eyes at some of these Disney mommy advice shows when they say things like, “We don’t stay at EPCOT after 7pm because there are nothing but drunk people walking around.” Give me a break lady. Nothing will annoy me faster than a Disney helicopter mommy who still wont let her 13 year old son on Space Mountain because it too intense. That being said, the moms on this show are funny, laid back, and very easy to listen to. Not being a mother, I still found this show to be somewhat helpful and the tips and hints they bring up are very useful. This weeks show was nothing too extraordinary, but good for the content that was offered up. Each one of the moms was funny, and they seem to be able to relate to each other easily; again, nothing too out of the ordinary, just a very utilitarian show this week. No history, no rumors, just a good old fashioned touring prep type of podcast.     

Show of the Week:DIBBCast Episode28Xtra:Uh oh. Here we go; another British Disney podcast. I have shown in the past how out of touch I am with the UK Disney podcasting scene. With that being said, let’s dive into my first time listening to DIBBCast. This show was a bit easier for me to understand than some of the other UK shows out there. Hosted by Robb and James, this weeks show is a spinoff from the DIBBCast main shows and was a very easy listen for me. The show is pretty lighthearted but serious enough to keep my attention. From talking about trips to Vegas to AVATAR land, this weeks show was laid back and relaxing. No arguing, yelling, and murky details about travel or Mouse Meets references. The hosts are funny and do a good job at keeping the show light and crisp. These two hosts have that classic sense of British humor that I used to love when I was a kid. More than that, the hosts seem to be smart as a whip. No matter which topic they were talking about, they seemed to know the story, history, and details of the topic. I was very impressed with the audio quality, and also the structure of the show. They moved from segment to segment almost seamlessly and effortlessly. This podcast seemed more like a true radio show than it did an online podcast. To be honest, I didn’t even mind the Disneyland Paris talk. This used to be a big hang up for me on some of the other UK shows. Is this weeks show as extravagant as some of the other Shows of the Week? No. No major focus on history or touring. Its mostly news and random chatter, but that’s what I like about the show. It was smooth and very easy to listen to. Unlike some of the other UK shows, it was not over scripted or over produced. I think that is a trap that many shows fall into. These guys do not. Much like Gordon Ramsay would say, “Simple, rustic!” 

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