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This Week in Podcasting: August 26-September 1

WDW Happy Place Episode 6: Not a big fan of the back in forth at the beginning of this show. Over 5 minutes into the start of the show they finally hit their first segment. I know that most people like this kind of playful light audio, but I like my podcasts efficient, and to the point. Not dry, just don’t waste my time talking about how cute your cat was when you gave him a bath last night (That was not on this weeks show, just an example). The news segment this week was decent. I am a bit confused though, at one point the female host is talking about the closure of The Magic Memories and You show at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. In the middle of trying to explain the show she stops herself and says, “I don’t want to give anything away.” Um, the show has been out for a year and a half and is closing soon. This is not a good sign. If she is hesitant to spoil what happens during the show, what is the rest of this show going to sound like? (We rode haunted mansion and it was really great, but we’re not going to describe it to you because we don’t want to give it away). The female host did seem to be very uninterested in what her co host had to say during the entire show. It seemed like she was more interested in hearing herself talk rather than working with her partner to share information and stories with the listeners. Don’t get me wrong, the show was somewhat funny and entertaining, but it was very hard to see past the slightly overbearing co host to actually focus on and enjoy the information. Im sure she is a great person abut maybe she was just enthusiastic about being on the show and telling her stories, she forgot that she was hosting with someone else.    

Be Our Guest Episode 468: This weeks show from Mike and crew focuses on ice cream around Walt Disney World. The first thing I noticed about this show this week is that it took the hosts over 5 minutes to actually get on topic. I know that most fans really do like the initial getting to know you introduction style segment at the beginning of each show, but I found this part tedious and unneeded. I am a fan of an informative, efficient show. The topic of the show is ice cream, and I knew that it was going to be a challenge for me to listen to this show. How do I put this nicely? Co-hosts Ricki and Pam are super sweet, incredibly smart, and very enthusiastic about Walt Disney World; sometimes they are a little too enthusiastic. Sometimes when they get really excited about a topic their voices get very high pitched, and it is almost unbearable for me to listen to. they squeal, laugh, and almost screech their way through parts of the show, and I just have to take off the headphones and stop listening. I hate to come across as mean or un nice, but this is the main reason why I don’t listen to this show. And that is a shame because when they are not at such high pitched level, you really can get a lot of useful and fun information from the two of them. Host Mike does a great job at steering the ship. Yes, the show is just a little bit too much bubble gum for me, but not every show can curse and poop their way through a podcast. Again, the ladies are very likeable, but until they bring down their voices just a few octaves, its going to continue to be a challenge for me to listen to.    

WDW Lost Girls Episode 5: I like how host Sam and Candy get right to the point on tis weeks show. The introduction wss short, and featured one of the best verbal explanations of technical difficulties, “My computer decided to take a crap.” That should be enough of a warning as to the kind of language and attitude that this show brings. No, its not raunchy but as the ladies warn at the beginning of the show, the language is not “Magic Kingdom” language. On this weeks show the girls jump into the rumor pool and talk about the speculation that Cars land will be making its wat to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The girls on this show are very candid and there is no Pixie Dust thrown around here. While this is a female based show, it is not your typical Disney Mommy show. While the show does lack a little bit of the hardcore historical information that I love, it does have a lot of hardcore fan content that I enjoy. It is abundantly clear that Candy and Sam re big fans. They also have a talk this week about which shows are past their prime and need to be removed. This conversation is red meat for any Disney Podcasting fan. While I do disagree with some of the things that are said, I do appreciate the conversation for what it is. Its really hard to start a new podcast now a days and not say the same crap everyone else is saying. Somehow, this show seems fresh and fun. There is a lot of room for this show to grow though. The background music was bit too loud at times, and I think the hosts need to work on their chemistry, but other than that it is a decent listen and you’ll walk away from it feeling like you didn’t waste your time.    

SHOW OF THE WEEK: SoutheastTravel Podcast September 1, 2012: I first found this show a couple of weeks ago. I am always looking desperately to find other travel/themed entertainment shows to listen to other than the 2,000 Disney based podcasts that are out there. This show is anchored by two travel agents (I think) who seem to have an incredible grasps of how the travel industry works. They do a great job at steering their listeners from the do’s and don’ts of traveling. Be it Disney or cruising, these two hosts have a really good understanding. This weeks show features a quick news segment, which is typical in format, but unique in content. In the news the hosts touch on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, cruising, and Halloween Horror Nights. The two hosts seem to have great chemistry to go along with their extensive knowledge of the industry. While not married to a strict segment based format, this show does seem to move along easily. With a splash of recent vacation and some talk about a recent Carnival cruise, this weeks show is well worth the listen. I really do like how these guys get into the nitty gritty of cruising. Always honest and pretty funny; this week’s show is quick, funny, and informative. What more could you ask for in a podcast? Now, while this is Show of the Week, I do think that this show can do a lot better. The elements in this show were kind of thrown together, and the hosts admit that the show this week is just some random stuff. That being said, it was still a good show, and furthermore, the best podcast I listened to this week.        

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