Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Week in Podcasting September 9-15

Iso15571 Episode 36: This show is growing on me like ivy on a brick wall. While I admit, I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the technical know how and lingo that is discussed and used in the show, I find myself constantly fascinated and hungry for the information that is offered up in this show. The hosts in this show know their stuff and they have a true passion for photography and do a great job at sharing and discussing their knowledge with their listeners. On this weeks show they talk about shooting the various monorails at Disney parks. These guys really know their stuff. To hear them speak about cameras is like listening to BB King talk to you about guitars. While I still wish I could jump inside of the show and ask the guys to slow down and explain some things to me, I still think the show is entertaining and it has made its way on to my regular download list each week. If you like Disney and photography give this show a listen. I admit that on my first review of this podcast I jumped the gun and said I had no idea what they were talking about. But with a little bit of patience and persistence, this show has really grown on me and I appreciate the guys sharing their knowledge. I still have no clue what iso5571 means, but I’ll keep listening.

Mouse Travel TipsEpisode 101: This was a very difficult show for me to listen to. The discussion of this weeks show was meeting up with other Disney fans and a little talk on Disneyland’s Blue Sky Cellar. Ok, that has potential. But I knew I was in trouble within the first minute of the podcast. The host reads the entire show off of a script. The entire show! And not in a subtle cool way like they do on Communicore Weekly, you can almost envision her sitting behind a microphone reading off a piece of paper. And if that is not bad enough, the delivery of the show is so forced and condescending, I almost turned the show off in the first 5 minutes. The host talked to her audience read off of her script the way a fourth grade teacher stands in front of her class and tells them the story of the founding of America. It was very dry, very matter of fact, and in a very easy to understand, childish manner. Rather than feeling like I was being given information to, I felt like I was being lectured to. The host delivery was just all wrong. Way too soft, and condescending. Now, maybe I am not the target audience for a show like this, but i did feel like I was being talked down to by mommy the entire show. The host is very smart and very informed and has potential to get some great information to her listeners, but I am afraid if she continues to do the show in a condescending and dry manner, that information may not get across. Put down the script, speak from the heart, and show us some personality.      

Mouse Chat September10: This weeks show from the Mouse Chat crew is a general discussion show where they talk about how to prepare for and plan a trip to WDW. The crew adds an extra bit of flare to the show by trying to discuss the pros and cons of short and long trips. Well, the try. Without co host Steve there direct traffic, the other hosts easily got a little bit off topic and halfway into the show, it seems like they forgot the set topic or format for the show. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like the crew got completely off topic. They still talked about some of the details and plans that went into planning a Disney vacation. Its just they didn’t stick to the pros and cons of short versus long trips. They mentioned it here and there, but the lack of organization kind of left me wishing they would get back to this topic. All in all, its still a very informative and funny episode; like always. With the usual great audio quality and tons of chemistry between the host, this week’s Mouse Chat episode is a decent listen, just don’t get your heart set on really learning the pros and cons of short and long trips in any type of organized, structured format.    

Show of the Week: Generation Mouse Episode75: Even the title of this show is funny. “The Disney Boonies!” This weeks show from Mark and crew is a rock solid trip planning episode. And I am generally a person who is no the biggest fan of trip planning shows, but this one was really entertaining, informative, and funny. At times, yes, it was a little too giggly from the girls but I can forgive that because of the overall content of this weeks show. On this show they talk about planning a trip to DIsney’s Fort Wilderness campground. The team does a great job at offering the listener every bit of information they could possibly need. From info on the outdoor restrooms, the camp sites themselves, to the restaurants on the campground, this episode is full of juicy tips and hints for anyone who is curious about the campground. All the way down to the pricing structure for each particular camp site in a specific part of the year. The crew managed to make this weeks show sound fun and entertaining while still getting a lot of information across. That is something that is really hard to do in podcasting. I think a lot of it speaks to the high level of chemistry between the hosts. I do not plan on spending a night at the campground, but after hearing the hosts review the Trail’s End Restaurant I went online and booked myself an ADR for one of my upcoming trips. Very good job on this weeks, and I think it is well worth the time to listen to it!  

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