Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Show of the Month

I gave you, the readers, a chance to vote on which one of the two Shows of the Week from October you thought should be Show of the Month. The votes came in via twitter @wakefieldreport and the winner and October Show of the month is.......

Show of the Month: Wedway Radio Episode 132:This weeks show from the brothers Parrish is by far the best podcast I have listened to all week, and maybe even the best show I have heard all year. More than anything what impressed me about this weeks episode is that the normally awesome and informative Matt and Nate managed to do an even better job at getting information out to their listeners. On this weeks show they are joined by Steve "Tikiman" Seifert who is an absolute expert on everything that is Disney’s Polynesian resort. To even begin to try and describe how amazing this weeks show was is an overwhelming task. The combination of the Matt, Nate, and Steve is one that works very well. I am surprised by just how much Steve knows about the Polynesian resort, and I also was surprised by the amazing amount of detail they go into on this show. On the surface a podcast episode about the Polynesian resort did not seem too appealing to me, but I knew that I was in good hands with Matt and Nate. The added factor of Steve on this weeks show multiplied the usual information output of WEDWAY Radio by a thousand! And in typical mMatt and Nate fashion, I walked away from the episode having learned more in 90 minutes then I all of the Polynesian knowledge I had gathered over the last three years. Top notch, five stars! This is what podcasting is all about for me. History, information, and great story telling!  

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