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My TOP TEN Theme park podcasts PART 4: Number 3-1

There are dozens upon dozens of theme park podcasts covering many different theme parks and topics. If you head over to itunes and enter “theme park” you will get 237 results! That is a lot of information and a lot of opinions from a lot of different people. That being said, there is always room for one more. (Go ahead Disney geeks, giggle with me.)
To create your own podcast there are a few things you have to do. Ok, well there are more than just a few things that you have to do, but these are some of the simple things you need. 
Step 1: You will need a microphone, computer, a website or hosting service to upload your podcast to, and an RSS feed.
Step 2: Figure out what topic you want to cover and write a rough draft of a script for your show. Make sure you know your topic well, and make sure your thoughts are clear, crisp and easy to understand.
Step 3: Download easy to use recording software like audacity and make sure you download an MP3 encoder.
Step 4: Find yourself a hosting provider like podbean,,, podango, or podpress.
It gets very technical but that is sort of the bare bones of the operation. There are three thing I look for in a podcast; production quality, content, and efficient use of time. One particular podcast I listen to has great content and production quality, but the host puts a long music break in between every news story. Use your time wisely. Make sure your production quality is decent. Background noises and breathing into the mike don’t make for an enjoyable listening experience for the listener. The most important thing about podcasting is make sure you are passionate about your content. Make it about something you love and have a passion for. Podcasting is supposed to be a fun way to share information with the rest of the world!     

3. THE SEASON PASS PODCAST: This show is a well rounded look at theme parks all over the United States. The host travels often to different parks and so he has a great working knowledge of the ins and outs of them. The show has high production quality and even their live shows are easy on the ear. A rotating list of co host always keeps the ideas and opinions fresh. With a huge archive of shows I often go back and download older episodes and continue to learn more and more about parks I hope to visit one day.                                                                                                                                                                            
 STRENGTHS: The host is able to get the cream of the crop when it comes to guests for the show. Insiders, ride makers, and fans; this show is a must listen for it guest appearances alone.                                  
WEAKNESS: Not really a weakness but the show may be a huge turn off for strict Disney or Universal Studios fans. The host covers parks all over the country.

2. 100% UNOFFICIAL UNIVERSAL ORLANDO PODCAST (UUOP): This is a relatively new show but in the short amount of time it has managed to capture a niche and untapped audience. Until this podcast debuted Universal Orlando fans were stuck listening to every other show hoping that the host would accidentally mention the news coming out of the Orlando resort. The host and his wife came in with guns blazing, took the Universal bull by the horns and they haven’t looked back yet. For its sheer ballsyness and uniqueness this show is one of my favorites and has captured the number two spot on my countdown. I believe in a year’s time this show may be my number 1!
STRENGTHS:  I love almost everything about this show. It is so refreshing downloading the show and listening to all new, fresh information about Universal Orlando. The host have the unique opportunity to bring the listener unfiltered thoughts and opinions about UO. On top of everything else, the host’s passion for the Universal Resort really comes across to the listener.
WEAKNESS: The show is still very young and it has a lot of room for growth AND failure. At some point in time the show will have to go through some growing pains, but that is where passion for your topic really helps.

1: MAGICAL DEFINITION: I have never learned more from any other podcast then I have from this one. Each and every episode is filled with news, rumors, and unfiltered unbiased opinions about Disney. The co host is considered the ultimate Disney insider and brings must hear, must read information every week. When I wake up in the morning a new show is due out I immediately check iTunes to get the new download. If you are a Disney fan you will LOVE this show.
STRENGTHS: Two words, one name; JIM HILL! The show does a great job at covering Disney movies, theme parks, consumer products, tv shows, and everything in between.
WEAKNESS: When it come to social networking this show is not the best. It isn’t the easiest to find on twitter or facebook. The hosts have very busy lived and don’t have a lot of time to posts on social media sites.

Well there it is. For better or for worse those are my top ten theme park podcasts. Feel free to message me on twitter @wakefieldreport or send me an email at with your thoughts idea and opinions. Coming soon WAKEFIELDREPORT.COM
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