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My TOP TEN Theme park podcasts PART 3: Number 6-4

So there you are, Ipod in hand, and you are pressing the refresh button for your favorite theme park podcast like there’s no tomorrow.  If there is one thing that a theme park podcasting fan needs to have a lot of; it’s the talent of being patient. Podcast hosts work very hard to get their shows up in time each and every week. It is very easy to send an angry email or post an angry message on a board because your favorite show is a few days late. Podcast hosts don’t make a TON of money from their shows. In fact, most hosts spend more money producing their product then anything they make off of their show. When push comes to shove, podcast host “have a life”, and sometimes life gets in the way of their show. I can attest to this personally. The latest entry for this series was due out Wednesday November 18, 2011 but because of a terrible tooth ache and over medicating, the entry is coming out 2 days late. Sorry for the delay. I was shocked to get a few messages on facebook and twitter @wakefieldreport asking where the latest entry was.
 Like I said before, podcasting is not an easy thing to do. Next week we will go through what it takes to record, produce, and post a podcast.

6. Betamouse: Disney podcasting is a niche field. This podcast fills a sub niche. Betamouse is the tech guide to everything Disney. Each and every episode is filled with discussion about the latest technology being used at the Disney resorts. The hosts know their stuff. For someone like me is not too tech savvy, this podcast helps me stay in touch with the latest and greatest of what’s going on in the tech world of Disney.                    STRENGTHS: The show is filled with experts how have well thought out views and opinions. The hosts are very passionate about advancing the technology in the parks and resorts.                                             WEAKNESS: Tech talk is great but once you limit your show to a single topic it can tend to get a little bit repetitive.


5. WDWNT: This show is so deserving of a top 5 spot in my list! Each show the crew gets better and better. With segments like “The top 40 moments in Walt Disney World” and what might possibly be my favorite podcasting segment, “Back to the Future”, this show is a must listen for any Disney or theme park fan. I cannot sing the praises of this show enough. The hosts are knowledgeable and passionate.  The show has a unique format called an enhanced podcast which allows you to skip, rewind, and navigate through different segments of the show. The enhanced version even allows the host to share different pictures with listeners.  STRENGTHS: If you can only listen to one segment make sure it is “Back to the Future”. The segment breaks down the history and story of different Disney attractions to a level that any Disney fan can appreciate. The enhanced version of the show makes for easy navigation and adds an extra bonus for the listener.   WEAKNESS: The host is big on making lists like “The top 20 biggest moments in Hollywood Studios history”. I am a huge fan of these types of list. When the crew at WDWNT does a list show the discussion is very passionate and sometimes heated. There is one co host in particular who always tends to cross his arms and refuses to agree with the other hosts o matter what, and he defends his position with venom and anger. He tends to go out of his way to be difficult and disagree with the rest of the crew just because, and this tends to put the listener in an awkward position.  It’s kind of like going over a friend’s house and listening to his wife yell at him in the next room. <Weird>                                                                                


4. WEDWAY RADIO/WEDWAY NOW!: This show started out as another one of those sub niche podcast. The show WEDWAY Radio goes deep into Walt Disney history. Notice I didn’t say Disney World history but Walt Disney history. The coverage of different topics from the two hosts is nothing less than top notch and comprehensive! This is one of those shows where I am constantly pressing the refresh button on iTunes praying that a new podcast is going to be released. The hosts are brothers and they can easily relate to each other or respectfully disagree with the other. I am in awe with some of the topics they decide to cover on a weekly basis. I have learned so much about Walt Disney from this podcast.
STREGTHS: WEDWAY NOW!: The edition of WEDWAY NOW! came from the hosts the first week in October. It is about a 30 minute show that covers the latest news from the Disney Parks and the Disney Company. The hosts have great chemistry and seem genuinely interested in what the other has to say.        WEAKNESS: One little complaint I would have about this show is that the hosts tend to trail off the topic they are covering from time to time. Little asides here and there are ok, but the hosts seem to get easily side tracked and this could lose the listeners attention. It is nothing big enough to turn me off as a listener.

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