Saturday, November 12, 2011

My TOP TEN Theme park podcasts PART 2: Number 9-7

                     Thanks for the great response for my first entry. I got lots of great feedback and I look forward to even more comments, questions and suggestions. As we uncover more of the list remember that this list is my opinion of the best theme park podcast out there today. I spend over 15 hours a week listening to these shows, and I can tell you that they are all GREAT!  Once again I apologize if my list is too Disney heavy for some readers, but Disney is the worldwide leader for a reason. 

                     The hosts and producers of these shows sacrifice a lot of their personal time to give us the most entertaining show they can. We should always take time to visit their websites, add them on twitter or Facebook, and rate them on iTunes to show our appreciation for all of their hard work. Although, the best possible way to show our support to these shows is to VISIT THEIR SPONSORS! Sponsors ensure that these shows that we listen to, for free, can keep running. The largest sponsor of Disney theme park podcasts is Since they do not sponsor me, I dont think ill spend much time talking about them but I will say I do read the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (ding!) almost every night before I go to bed.
                      That being said, sponsors not only help keep podcasts alive but they generally provide a great service to theme park fans. Most of them are travel agencies, and offer great tips, tricks, advice, and discounts on visiting theme parks. 

9: WDW Fan Boys: This is a show that has lots of potential. It runs down the weekly happenings at Disney World. A sprinkle of news and a trip report here and there on the show is a joy to listen to. Well not a complete joy. A lot of the time the hosts are all clamoring to speak over each other and constantly interrupting the other. Not because a lack of manners but rather an attempt at humor. While funny at first, the constant interruptions are very distracting and tend to derail the show. When not interrupting each other, the hosts’ passion for Disney really shows.                                                                                                                                                    STRENGTHS:  No fear of being critical of Disney and the Disney product. Very short ad reads, at times, help the show move along at a smooth pace.                                                                                                                                              WEAKNESS: Sometimes immature hosts. The segment Are you Smarter than a WDW Fan Boy has been abused and ruined like a…well…id better not say.

8: WDW Today: This show is a trusted and true podcast that you can depend on for quick information and lots of touring advice. The main host talks faster than an auctioneer which doesn’t make for the best listening experience. A co writer for The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is a co host and is a great resource for the other show hosts and callers.                                                                                                                            
STRENGTHS:  Information is plentiful on each and every show. The hosts are very knowledgeable.                                  
WEAKNESS: The main host talks way too fast and makes the show almost unlistenable. The show tends to fall into a rut, gets stale, and has a lot of sameness.

7.  WDW Radio: WDW Radio is considered to be the first and last authority on Disney podcasting by many, MANY Disney fans. The host has a well produced and well thought out show. Always pleasant and delightful, the show is a great way to get some of the latest Disney news. When posing a question to his audience on a live show, the host often will quote what people are saying in the shows online chat room, but the feedback quoted is often bland and does not contribute much to the show, which ends up wasting a lot of time; (So Disney is adding a new meet and greet in the Magic Kingdom. What do you think? DisneyMom1234 in the chat room says “That’s a great idea, I love it!”)                                                  STRENGTHS: Very well produced, and very well thought out. Covers Disney history, news, and touring.
WEAKNESS: A lot of the time the host is nothing but very positive about anything and everything Disney does. This leads to stale uninspired opinions which lead to an uninteresting show that you’re not dying to listen to on a weekly basis.    

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