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WDW FanBoys Episode 106: IN this show hosts Bret, Tim and Paul cover what merchandise they think Disney geeks and fans would love to find under their tree for Christmas.   This show is filled with great stories and interaction between the hosts. They offer up some suggestions of what to buy, and share which memorabilia they own. Check out their website for good pictures of the merchandise that they own. They continue to mature and hone their podcasting techniques and this show in particular was very informative and fun to listen to. I really feel like the hosts compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They are very personable and seem, at least, to be interested in what the other is saying. A good solid offering from the crew this week.     

Season Pass Podcast Episode 187: On this week show Doug Barnes and Brent Young interview Pete Owens who is the Media/Public Relations Manager for Dollywood Company. As someone who has never been to Dollywood, I found this show very interesting. The interview does a great job and covering the past present and future of the Tennessee Park. I learned a hell of a lot from this show. Pete Owens really knows his stuff and told some really great stories about how the park came to be. I’m a real nerd for that kind of stuff. Host Doug Barnes asks some really great questions and does a great job at getting the necessary information out of his guest. The trio also covers the upcoming Wild Eagle coaster that is being built in Dollywood. TSPP continues to impress me. It is a quality and professional show.       

Remotely Universal Episode 4 CaptainJakes Casino: The show hosts Will and Logan try to explore the consequences and effects of a possible casino being put in the family tourism Mecca of Orlando. On the surface it would seem like a good topic for a show, but the hosts just can’t quite pull it off. The hosts are inexperienced, and not just in podcasting, I wonder if the pair has even been to Universal Studios. Their working knowledge of the parks is mediocre at best. It almost seems like when covering a topic about the park, they are reading off of a map or Universal’s Wikipedia page. When the hosts give their opinion on a certain topic or news story, their thoughts are undefined and one dimensional at best. (And I bet a lot of you are saying that same thing about this blog right now!) Was there a need for another Universal Studios podcast? Of course there was, but I think the crew over at WDW Today just thought they could throw two guys in front of a microphone and make a show about Universal and make some money off of it. The show does have great production quality and some good structure, but as we already know, great structure without quality content does not a good show make. Bottom line is, if you follow the usual theme park suspects on twitter and facebook, and you read screamscape once a week, you really aren’t going to miss much by not listening to this podcast. The hosts are very likeable and personable but this show has a long way to go. Money can’t buy content, passion, and charisma. I’ll keep listening to this show and I hope it improves.         

WDWNT Episodes 222 – 223: On episode 222 the crew finally wrapped up their two and a half year quest to determine what era was the Golden age in Walt Disney World history. They give their opinions on which time period in Downtown Disney and the waters parks was the best era. The opinions they offer up are solid and hold a lot of water. I really enjoyed listening to the crew wrap this segment up. Which year in Walt Disney World history will “be the defining moment in 4 decades of incredible attractions, dining, and entertainment?”  You’ll have to listen to find out. Trust me; it will be well worth your time. On episode 223 host Tom Corless gives a one on one interview with the author and Disney critic Kevin Yee. Kevin Yee is a writer of and author of books like, Your Day at Disney, and Mouse Trap. On this show he offers some great insight and sharp pointed opinions about the state of WDW today. Kevin is a great writer and is not afraid to be objective. Host Tom does a great job at interacting with Kevin and the two make the show very easy to listen to. Both shows this week from WDWNT offer up good information and lots of fun. Yes, I cheated a bit as episode 222 was released on the December,16. I am sure this will ruin the little credibility and good standing I had with the theme park fan community.  

SHOW OF THE WEEK: UnofficialGuide Disney Dish Episodes 3-4: The purpose of the show of the week is to share with fans the podcast that has the most information, history, and fun each week. Without a doubt the Disney Dish brings all of those things and more to the podcasting table this week. Perpetual Rebel Spy Jim Hill and Unofficial Guide guru Len Testa, are your host for this delightfully simple podcast. The format for the show is great; give Len and Jim a recorder and have them walk around the theme parks and tell stories. When I went through my Top Ten Podcast, the Jim Hill and Nathan Rose show Magical Definition was at the top of my list for a reason. Disney Dish is this week’s show of the week for the same reason. Jim and Len pack these walk through shows with tons of history and information. Humor plays a big part in the shows as well. Jim and Len are almost unknowingly funny. During the Animal Kingdom show, Len mentions the buzzards circling over the hosts, and Jim Hill looks up and screams, “I’m not dead yet!” Listening to Jim tell stories as the pair walk through Animal Kingdom and EPCOT is pure joy. Jim dissects each ride, pavilion, and retail shop. Jim is such a wealth of information and knowledge. He shares stories from him about what attractions could have been and why they never came to be. The section of episode 3 when the hosts talk about the future AVATAR land in Animal Kingdom is full of useful never before heard information. I really look forward to more shows from Len and Jim.   

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