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This Week in Podcasting December 25-31

WDWNT 2011 ChristmasPodcast Parade: Bonus points to Tom Coreless and crew for doing something unique and different for a Christmas time podcast. The guys really step outside of the box for their annual Christmas Podcast Parade. As the warning on the show noted states, “This show is a comedy show with no education value what so ever!” With that being established I really enjoyed it. I had second and third thoughts when I first downloaded this show, but I decided to give it a shot. The show is 100% scripted with the hosts playing various characters throughout the almost two and a half hour show. At times the content is immature and forced but like any television skit show it has its share of ups and downs. The segments, for the most part, are funny, unique, and original. I am really impressed with the level of talent of the hosts. They really put a lot of work and thought into this show. If you are getting tired of the regular ho hum “What is there to do in Disney during Christmas” type of shoe, you should really give this show a listen. Give it time. It is very well produced and very funny!

The Season Pass PodcastEpisode 188: The crew is visited by and interviews author Chris Dearman. Dearman is the author of Santa’s Village Gone Wild. Once again Season Pass host Doug Barnes does a great job at interviewing the author and Dearman gives a lot of insight and information into a little known Chicago area park. The stories shared on this show are true one of a kind adventures that you will definitely want to hear. The show is light on news this week but you won’t even think about news once you listen to the first five minutes of this show. While other shows try to cover a variety of different topics each week, the season pass does a great job at putting all of its focus on one topic. This show has great production quality the quality of the content is second to none!     

WDW Dis Cussion ShowEpisode 4: On this episode host Ryan Barr is joined by his regular co hosts Casey Kol, Ron Bidnez, Tony King and once again WDW Fanboys co host Paul Miller pops in for a guest host spot. The group talks about the holiday happenings at Disney World. This same topic was talked about on plenty of other podcasts this week, so it was not the most dynamic show .Although I don’t think many other people are insane enough to listen to as many podcasts each week as me. When I started listening to the show I kind of got down in the dumps about hearing the same old information about celebrating Christmas at WDW, but the crew soon pulled  me out of the pits with their great stories and unique perspective. Sometimes having more than three or four hosts on a show can be a bit challenging for a host and overwhelming for a listener, but this crew manages to make it work. Major points to this young podcasting crew for knowledge, and chemistry. The show is not perfect by any stretch but it is a good listen. With a runtime of about 50 minutes this would be a good show to listen to on a lunch break in the middle of the week. The show is a bit light on news and behind the scenes information, but they make up for that with in depth first hand, personal experiences from inside the parks. If you like WDW Fanboys you will most likely enjoy this show.       

Magical DefinitionPodcast-Unwrapping Disney’s Christmas Carol: When almost every other podcast this week was wrapping up 2011, or going over the holiday happenings at Walt Disney World, Magical Definition hosts Jim Hill and Nathan Rose took a different approach. On the show the two hosts explain and break down how the Disney marketing machine helped develop, push, and market the 2009 Disney film, A Christmas Carol. Jim Hill offers never before heard information and access to the inside world of Disney marketing. He discusses where the marketing team went wrong, and what they did right. When it comes to marketing a movie, Jim Hill makes it clear that Disney has the precision of a military operation. As always, listening to this show is pure joy! Nathan and Jim have great chemistry and a good job at bouncing questions and ideas off of each other. It was very refreshing to hear the hosts approach this holiday show differently. It is a stellar show that is well worth the listen.       

"Hello internet!"
On the show this week hosts Lee, Tracey and Darren are visited by former Universal Studios Orlando team member Ron Schneider. Ron shares stories with the crew about the first ever Christmas celebration at Universal Orlando. Ron offers up some great insight and tells some very funny stories. Host Lee Mallaby lands yet another top notch interview with a true theme park insider. Lee is a great interviewer and does a great job at asking the important questions, while making sure he does not take the spotlight off of his guest. UUOP continues to be one of my favorite theme park podcast out there today. The way they present their news at the beginning of the show is one of my favorite segments and I look forward to it. With only 20 episodes under their belt the crew at UUOP continues to get better and better. Podcasting is much like a theme park attraction; it’s all about storytelling, and these guys have managed to get some of the best story tellers in the industry on the show. The bonus outtakes show was a special treat. As someone who used to host a small local high school TV news show I can appreciate a good blooper. With the special edition of the bloopers show I think UUOP is more than worthy of “Show of the Week’. The bit where co host Hunters family member keeps bursting into is room during the show is hilarious! The bonus show will have you laughing from beginning to end and is well worth the extra download. I look forward to watching this show progress and grow in 2012!       

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