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This Week in Podcasting January 1 - 7

In the Loop Rebooted Jan 2: This week the coaster crew hosts are joined by Doug Barnes of The Season Pass Podcast. The iTunes description for this week’s show says it all, “They BS more then they chat.” This is completely true. The show this week is a little bit less structured than usual but if you’ve listened to this show more than one, you are used to it, and you have learned to love it. Special host Doug adds more comedy and insight on this show. I guarantee you will laugh from start to finish while listening to this week’s show. Listener Gavin calls in with his trip report from his recent visit to Dolly Wood. Gavin in young and offers insight and analysis like no one else can. The “kettle corn” segment is the best. The crew tries to call co host Legend to get some first hand, on sight reporting of the closing of the Universal Orlando JAWS ride, but he won’t answer the damn phone! You will never think about your computer mouse the same way after listening to this week's show. This week’s show in particular takes on a stream of consciousness type of flow that will keep you on your toes. This show is always in my weekly rotation and I listen to it live, or download it for a morning bike ride to work.     

Be Our Guest Podcast Episode399: This show is the warm, fluffy, cuddle kind of show that really makes you feel good. Not that much controversy, or arguments and really relaxing. BOG is a neat show that I like to listen to while trying to relax from a hectic day of retail management. On this week’s show host Mike Rahlmann flies solo this week and interviews two Disney fans about their most recent visit to WDW. The couple is very likeable and seems to have a good time while on the show. Host Mike does a good job at steering interviews and does a good job at pulling the important information out of his guests. This week’s show is just a trip report and a little one dimensional. No news, rumors or other content, but that’s ok. This is a very good trip report from the guests. The really make a conscious effort to share their trip with the BOG listeners. Trip reports are a great and unique way of podcast host connecting with their fans and sharing information with their listeners.

WDW RadioShow 255: Whew! This week’s offering from Disney podcasting overlord Lou Mon(j-e-ll-o) is monster two and a half hour show. I have to say that I am not the biggest WDW Radio fan. Lou’s show tends to lack objectivity at times; and while I don’t think every show needs to rag on Disney on each and every show, I do think the same old, “Disney is great and wonderful all the time” get very tired after about three shows. That being said I was hooked on this week’s WDW Radio show after about the first 10 minutes of listening. Lou was joined by a few co hosts for this special show where they look back on 2011 Disney news and happenings. From attraction openings, closings, AVATAR, cruise lines and restaurants this show covers almost everything Disney in 2011. Except for a certain new annoying theme park blog debuting in late fall of 2011. Lou has some really great insight and opinions on what went down at Disney in the past year, but I have to go back to the lack of objectivity. At one point in the show he even manages to put over Stitches great Escape! No one, I mean no one is such a huge fan of Walt Disney World that they can put that attraction over. Somehow overly positive Lou manages to do it though. Other than that this week’s show was a huge success in my book. I really enjoyed listening to this show and it was an early favorite of mine to be show of the week.      

Inside the Magic Show #352: This week’s shows from host Ricky Brigante is over four and a half hours long….! I’m still listening to it and I’ll get around to doing a review on it around the third week in May.

Betamouse #92: This was the finale show for Henry Work and the Betamouse crew. They all got together for a live show and talked about the past present and future of Disney tech. They all did a great retrospective on their previous episodes running down show topics and guests. After listening to them run down the previous episodes I am now more curious than ever to go back into the Betamouse archives and listen to them all. Throughout the entirety of the live show the crew took live calls from listeners, former guests, and others. It was very fun, yet sad to listen to the crew reminisce about the past 91 shows. Really consider taking some time out of your day to listen to this genuine group of friends say good bye.   

Show of the week: Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast #21: Damnit! Damnit, damnit, damnit! I was trying really really hard to not repeat “Show of the Week” in the first few months of this blog. I was trying even harder to not have a back to back “Show of the Week” winner. I was trying extremely hard not to seem like a whoreish shill for UUOP (even though I really am!), but the purpose of this part of the blog is to showcase which show I think offers up the most information, content, and history to the average theme park podcast listener. This week Unofficial Universal podcast is a tribute show to JAWS. When I first heard about the idea for this show I thought, “Well, ok, that should be decent.” Decent it was not; this show was freaking awesome. I can say that this is an early Show of the Year candidate! Lee and Tracey open the show by giving us their thoughts of the classic Universal ride closing. Then they invite a former Universal JAWS skipper on to talk about his experiences and adventures on the attraction. The insight offered up by this former skipper is amazing. The behind the scenes info he shares would rival the kind offered by Jim Hill. Speaking of Jim Hill, he is also on the show and gives information on the building and evolution of the famous ride. There is also a helping of cast member SPEW stories, trip reports, a fact Hunter segment, emails from fans, and much much more. This show is without a doubt story telling at its best. This is everything I think a podcast should be! Two thumbs all te way up to Lee, Darren, and Tracey for putting out an instant classic!              

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