Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Week in Podcasting January 8-14


WEDWAY 104: What can I say about WEDWAY that I haven’t already said. Once again, the brothers Parrish turn in another fabulous episode. Packed with history, stories, and a bit humor, the show this week is another fun trip into Disney’s past. This week Matt and Nate are joined by author and Disney historian Sam Gennawey and talk about the Disneyland and Disney World themed land “Adventureland”. Sam is a great interview. I recommend that you pull out an Adventure land map to keep track of what the hosts and Sam are talking about. Sam shares some really great stories and is a real treat to listen to. Without much fanfare the Parrish brothers turn out another stellar episode that had me clinging to my headphones and wanting to hear just one more minute of the podcast. Also I should say the WEDWAY Radio has my favorite show opening audio!        

WDWNT  #225: If you are a fan of the usual format for WDWNT then you might find this week’s show a little bit different or lacking. Host Tom Coreless has a bit of a shortened show this weeks when he is joined by co host Scott Smith to talk about the new Magic Kingdom interactive game, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Nothing too fancy n this show as Scott shares his experience and thoughts on playing the game. Tom does a great job at providing the listener with images from the game using WDWNT’s unique enhanced show technology. At times, Scott does come across as a bit too nitpicky and critical of the game. Scott seems to be the one in the WDWNT hosting group who is always there to criticize or be generally negative about something; but maybe I’m the one who is criticizing too much. Altogether this week’s show is a really good listen and I enjoyed hearing the details about the game from Scott and Tom.     Jan 7, 2012: Hosts Lisa, Bob, Chris and Laruen take some time this week to look at what’s ahead for Disney World and Universal Orlando in 2012 and they also discuss which attractions in WDW are the most underrated. The crew does a great job this week breaking down everything that’s coming to Orlando in 2012. I am a new listener to this show and I am very impressed with their professionalism and their willingness to listen to the other talk. Often times when you have multiple hosts in podcasting they are busy talking over each other or you can tell that they are just waiting for their co host to stop speaking so they can say their own piece; but the Mouse chatters are very different. Their opinions on topics are very well thought out and there was even some disagreement between the hosts on a few topics. Like I said, I’m new to this podcast. I’m not sure if every show is as good as this week’s, but if they are then this show will soon be a favorite of mine. #615: This week’s show was a real treat. The hosts are joined by Seth Kubersky who is the author of "Universal Studios 2012: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park.". Seth shares some really great insight and information with hosts about how things unfolded at Universal Orlando last year and what is set to go down this year at UOR. In the same vein as Jim Hill, Seth has a unique behind the scenes perspective that only a few theme park insiders can provide. Hosts Mike and E.B did a great job of holding things down as well. Mike and E.B remind me of a throwback AM morning radio duo who keep you laughing on your way into work while managing to throw some nuggets of news your way. The crew discusses what may or may not replace the now empty JAWS and Amity area at Universal. They even manage to get in a quick lesson on the “ethics” of theme park journalism. The information exchanged during this show is must hear for any Universal Orlando or Harry Potter fan. This show is definitely worth the listen in what was otherwise a slow and stale week in theme park podcasting,

Show of the Week: WDW Radio #256: Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a big fan of WDW Radio. It is not near the top of my must listen shows for the week, and if I go a week or two without listening I am not heartbroken. That being said, this week’s offering from Lou Mon J-e-ll-o(its alive!) blew me the eff out of the water. I downloaded this show at my house and then went on what was going to be a leisurely bike ride to Siesta Key Beach here in Sarasota, Florida (rated the number 1 beach in America by Dr. Beach btw). The bike ride takes about 30 minutes. As I started listening to this week’s WDW Radio, I heard Lou introduce his guest for this week, Jim Korkis. My interest was piqued; but then when I heard Lou say that he and Jim were in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and that they were going to discuss the history and legacy of the Disney film The Rocketeer I was ready to turn off the podcast and coast to the beach with Dave Matthews Band in my ears.  I am so glad I decided to listen to this show instead. With little to no knowledge of the Rocketeer I learned a hell of a lot of new thing about the film and the hidden gems in DHS from this show. As usual, Korkis is a huge source for Disney knowledge and he unleashed his mighty brainy fury of Lou’s listeners this week. I am headed to DHS on January 17, and I plan on looking for the artifacts that Jim and Lou talked about. This show covers almost everything you want to know, or everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about the Rocketeer.   

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