Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Week in Podcasting January 15-21

WDW Discussion Show #5: This week’s show was a little bit difficult to listen to. The content and information was enjoyable and very usable but the show lacked some structure and the foundation lost its footing within the first 10 minutes of the show. This week the hosts give their own A-E rating to attractions in the Magic Kingdom. The premise of the show is good but the execution is weak. Co host Anthony King kind of bullies his way through the show and is constantly reminding host Ryan Barr the he is older than him. Every 5 minutes Tony blurts out something like, “Well that’s because you’re a kid”, or something. It’s quite distracting and a huge turn off. I’m not sure if that will continue but I would hope it won’t. That being said; the show is very young and the content that they do manage to provide is very insightful and interesting. If you ignore some of the minor hang-ups I had about the show, it was somewhat of a good listen. I spent over 4 hours recently recording a new podcast with host Ryan Barr, and he is very smart, passionate, and interested in others opinions. That’s the important thing. I’m not trying to rag on the show, as much as I am giving my readers a bit of a warning that this week’s show is a little rocky, but I’m sure it will get better. Ryan and crew did release a second  show this week that I did not have time to listen to before writing this article. It is an interview with Dark Side of Disney author Leonard Kinsey. I am sure it is a great show and interview!  

In the Loop Rebooted Jan 16: The show this week from Clint, Adam, and the Legend is nothing out of the ordinary for regular In the Loop listeners. Legend does share some very important information about updates and rehabs from the Orlando parks. The crew plays a fan favorite game, I’ve got Five on it, where the winner gets a Coater Clock! Surprisingly, the only people who want to call in and win the “clock”, are young people under the age of 16. Like I have said before, this show is one of the best produced podcasts out there. Clint and his co hosts are funny, witty, and very open to engaging with their audience. Each show brings lots of laughs and really great updates about theme parks.   

WDW Today Episodes 982-983: Matt Hochberg and crew are back for another full week of shows. On episode 982 they take a look at the “One More Disney Day” promotion that was rolled out on January 1st. The crew is a bit late getting to this topic but I not going to hold that against them because I admire and respect their expertise so much, I look forward to their views and opinions. The information and conversation in this show is a bit generic, but the hosts do offer up some unique thoughts. A few of them do intend on staying at the park for the entire 24 hours and I think they are planning a meet or two. On episode 983 the crew talks about the music loops at WDW and how it affects the mood and atmosphere at Disney parks and resorts. I am not the biggest fan of listening and dissecting Disney music loops so I have to admit listening to this show was nothing more than background noise for me while I played Xbox(I know, background noise, I realize how ironic that is.)  

WDW Fan Boys Show #110: This week show from Bret, Tim, and Paul is not the most flamboyant or glamorous. It is a long trip report from Bret and Tim. The two were down at WDW for a week or so during and after the New Year holiday. They share some stories with their listeners but the bulk of the actual content is nothing to lose sleep over if you miss the show. Bret shares his adventures at EPCOT on New Years and reminds me of why I don’t want to set foot near WDW during the holidays. Co host Tim does offer up some really great information to listeners who might be traveling to the park with a family member with disabilities. Tim talks about how the guest assistance card works and shares the challenges and adventuress of having a disabled family member at WDW. In all, this weeks show is not too spectacular but it’s nice to listen to a few friends sit and chat for a bit about their recent trip to Disney and Universal.     

Show of the Week:  The DisGeek Podcast Episode 30: This week’s offering from hosts Daniel and Paul is very deserving of Show of the Week. The show starts off with a pretty good new segment. The hosts break down the latest movements and happenings Disneyland. I am someone who does not spend a lot of time listening to DL podcasts, but this show is a must listen for any Disney fan. There are some very important things that make this Show of the Week. The feature segment this week is an interview with Jae Brattain about former Disney imagineer Roger Broggie. Jae took a lot of time to research this topic and he really knows his stuff. He offers up a lot of important and fun information. This segment is a must hear; but what really makes this week’s show top notch is the rant that co host Paul goes on. The team presents the news that the Disney dance club elecTRONica is being replaced by the Tim Burton inspired Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party. The rant is too good to put into words, but I can assure you it is an early favorite of Rant of the Year!    


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