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This Week in Podcasting February 26 - March 3

WEDWAY Radio 108: I really need to stop reviewing this podcast because I can only muster to say the same three of four things each time. Great production quality, knowledgeable and likeable hosts, well researched content and overall awesomeness! That being said I will try my best to offer up some sort of coherent and unique review. The brothers Parrish devote this weeks show to discussing the history and story of PIXAR. The guys did another great job of sharing stories and breaking down the paths of the three founding members of Pixar. They explore the events that led to the forming of the company by Ed Catmull, John Lasseter and Steve Jobs. Matt and Nate really do a great job at sharing the important information while still being able to paint a picture for the listener. Just another all-around great show from these guys.       

WDW Discussion ShowEpisode 9: I should disclose that I co host another show with WDW Discussion host Ryan Barr.  This show is kind of, I repeat, kind of growing on me. It kind of sounds like three guys sitting at a bar discussing Disney. Both the production quality and show content are getting better and better each week. The guys are starting to gel a little bit and really get a sense for each other. There is, however, one little hiccup with show. I hate to come across as mean, or beating a dead horse, but co host Anthony King really is a bit of a turn off for me. He comes across as condescending, a know it all, and just in general not a very pleasant co host. Continuing to call your audience, “boys and girls”, and constantly interrupting your other hosts is not a good look. I don’t want to rag on the guy but he needs to tone it down and realize that it is not HIS show. I admire him for his passion but his hosting style does not compliment the show at all. That being said, this week the guys give a general talk session where they talk about some of recent events that have happened ad WDW and DL. This show IS getting better, but I think Anthony King needs to try a bit harder at letting other people talk, and creating some charisma with his other co hosts.     

In the Loop Rebooted2-27-12: Semi standard fare this week from the Coaster Crew. What put this weeks show a little bit out of line with the rest of the ITL shows is an interview with Holiday World PR rep Paula to talk about the new/old Louisville, Kentucky park, Bluegrass Boardwalk. Host Clint and Paula have some great back and forth and lot important information is offered up to anyone who is curious about the fate of the former Kentucky Kingdom theme park. I think show host Clint Novak may be one of the most personable and likeable theme park podcast hosts out there. No offense, but it just seems like Clint presses play and does his entire show off the cuff with little prep. This is not an insult at all. Clint makes it seem so effortless and his cohosts do a great job at keeping up with him, and adding great content to the show.  

WDW Today Episodes1001-1002: This may very well be the most professional and knowledgeable hosts out there in Disney Podcasting.  This week the crew answers some listeners questions in episode 1001, and they also take a look at when to book a restaurant for your WDW vacation. Because of the quality of people who host this show content is top notch. The crew does a great job at offering up objective, and quality advice on both shows. I still think restricting your shows to30 minutes or less does not do any favors. Show host Matt Hotchberg usually has anywhere from 3 to 4 guest hosts on the show. When you have that many people and so little time it is kind of difficult for everyone to be as articulate as they would like to be, and when you have super high quality hosts like this show, you really want to hear everything they have to say. Well, maybe that’s what keeps the listeners coming back each week…Clever. That being said, this is a show that is tailored to people who are into trip planning more than history and story telling. I did learn a few tips and tricks from this weeks show however.    

SHOW OF THE WEEK: WDWNTEpisode 231: This show is, again, one of my favorite Disney podcast out there. This week the crew does some over their best work I have heard yet. this show was about as EPCOT circa 1984 as you could get; edutainment. I learned and laughed throughout the entire show, and that’s generally what I look for in a show. The show starts off with what is my favorite segment in all of theme park podcasting, Back to the Future. Tom Coreless and crew decide to dig into the history of the Swiss Family Tree house. I give the crew major points for making a one hour segment out of this much maligned Disney attraction. The segment does not drag along and the crew does a good job at throwing some great facts and history at you. I learned more in this one hour segment than I have learned from some shows in an entire year! The crew also plays their Disney Match game. The segment is funny will keep you laughing. What really puts this weeks show over the top is the fact the co-host Scott Smith kind of tones back on his overly aggressive, too often disagreeable attitude. In the past he has been a real turn off for me when it comes to listening to this podcast. It seemed that every time a co-host wanted to make a point Scott is there to shoot them down, but if they challenge his view or opinion he gets way too protective and aggressive. It just does not make for the best listening experience. I’m not quite sure what happened this week, but I  found him to be relatively tolerable. Baby steps.  


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