Friday, March 9, 2012

February Show of the Month

I gave you, the readers, a chance to vote on which one of the three Shows of the Week from February you thought should be Show of the Month. The votes came in via twitter @wakefieldreport and the winner and February Show of the month is.......

SHOW OF THE MONTH: The Rotoscopers Episodes 1 and 2: Ok, so im cheating. Ok, ok, so im really cheating. I'm including a podcast from two weeks ago, but this show isnt even a theme park podcast. With the risk of this blog sounding repetitive, I am a hypocrite! It's true, but I believe this show deserves tons of recognition, and accolades. The three young hosts have chosen to tackle some very difficult subjects and they are wading out into what are uncharted waters. I dont even know where to begin, but ill try. The show is billed as, "A podcast for animation addicts. Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything in between!" I was already sold on the idea from there. Within the first 15 minutes of listening to episode 1 my mind was blown. Just when I thought I had heard everything there was to hear about Disney, this group opened up a new door for me. The hosting crew consist of two girls, one a self described "Disney Freakazoid", and the other a professional singer/Disney fan. Now I dont want to come across as sexist, but a lot of the times when I hear women on podcast their voice comes across as loud, whiny, and some are just unlistenable. Most of the time, they are over excited because of the subject matter, and maybe that accounts for the high pitch sound that sends me reeling. That being said, these two girls have bucked that trend for me and I find theme extremely listenable, likeable, and funny. The other host is Mason Smith who is an animation student at BYU. Put these three hosts together and you have some of the best podcasting I have heard. The show content is so well researched and thought out I was swimming in information. Keep in mind that the crew has only put out two shows, but they sound like they have been friends and co host for years and years. I could go on for days about this young show, but let me just say that. 1. Its not a theme park podcast 2. ANY Disney/animation fan will find it very informative and 3. This show is a growing on me like algae in the lagoon at Animal Kingdom. This, im sure, is not the last you will hear about this show.         


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