Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Week in Podcasting April 1-8

Minnie Minxes Show 5: I came to a very scary realization when listening to this weeks show. This podcast is just not for me. Its not like I want to down the show. In fact, I don’t have much bad to say about it. I am not writing the show off 100%, but I just don’t connect with the show, and I find myself just waiting for it to be over when listening to it. I really do hate to say it. The content it good, and the two hosts are very likeable, but I just don’t think this show is for me. Granted, I don’t think the show is geared toward 25 year old American video game, Disney, wrestling nerds. To be fair, this weeks show is a bit of a good listen. The girls cover the heated field of staying off, or on site at WDW, and their interview with a former Disney cast member, and author is a good listen as well. They really have improved on the audio quality and they sound like they have a ton of experience when it comes to staying at WDW. If you are a “Disney mom”, this podcast should be at the very top of your list. I just think I am the wrong, sex, and age for this show.  

A Couple of DisneyGeeks April 1, 2012: This is another new show that I found late last week. The basis for this show is pretty simple; a couple of Disney geeks talking Disney. The execution, however, leaves a little bit to be desired. (Much like my writing.) The first thing that stands out to any listener of this weeks episode is the audio quality. I had some massive, glaring audio issues when listening to this show on my ipod without headphones attached. What I call, listening naked. The audio quality did get a little bit better when I put the headphones in. Aside from the audio issues, the hosts seemed like they were very uncomfortable when presenting this weeks content; the history of Disneys California Adventure. Maybe its because they did not do proper research, and they were unsure about the information they were providing. As far as I can tell, these guys have been podcasting for a little over a year now. The presentation was rough, but if you could make it past that, and the audio issues, this weeks show is not all that bad. I learned a lot of cool things about DCA, and the two hosts are likeable. If they could fix the bugs, im sure this show will skyrocket to the top part of my favorite theme park podcasts list.

WDW Today Episode 1017: One of my favorite types of shows is a “list” show, or a “ranking” show. Matt Hochberg decided that they would do a “March Madness” style of elimination tournament style show. They started their tournament a couple of weeks ago and from the start I was not thrilled by their approach. I thought the format and ranking system was forced, convoluted, and confusing. I am not going to get into how they ranked and seeded the different Disney attractions because I don’t have a T9100 calculator on me, and I don’t need the headache. With that being said, I did end up enjoying the tournament shows. The hosts gave such in depth and spot on analysis when lobbying for their respective attractions to make it to the next round. They made such great arguments I found myself changing my opinion of which attraction was better several times throughout the show. In the end, I think because of the massively flawed seeding and positioning, the wrong attraction won. The crew had a really big opportunity to bring forward a great tournament but the system they used really handcuffed the potential of this attraction tournament.

Show of the Week: Dis Geek Podcast Episode 33: After some mystery and questions, the dis Geek podcast is back! I waiting a long time for this show to return and I am so glad I did. The hosts have been a few shuffled a little bit, but they still have great chemistry together. On this weeks show the crew gives us a look at the mysterious and somewhat secretive Disneyland hangout, Club 33. I have heard other podcasts take their turns at trying to crack the Club 33 nut. These guys, this week, did one of the best jobs yet. They really do a great job at walking the listener through a lunch and a dinner seating at Club 33. The hosts really know their stuff and they do a good job this week at conveying their emotions during their meals at the prestigious club. On top of walking you through the club first hand, they also give a really good recounting of the history of Club 33. I have never been to Disneyland, and each time I listen to the Dis Geek podcast, I get the sudden urge to rush to the computer and book my flight into LAX. These hosts seem to have a good grasp of what the audience wants to hear, and at the same time they keep the listener on their feet with witty humor, and fantastic tips, and storytelling. I am already looking forward to hearing the next show!     


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