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This Week in Podcasting april 15-21

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast Episode28: This weeks show from Lee and the gang was a special show celebrating their one year anniversary. This show came with a lot of hype and really big expectations. Talking with Lee, it sounded like the creation and production of this weeks show was big labor of love. The running time of this weeks show is a little bit over three hours. That is a lot of time to fill, even if it is an anniversary show. The show was tolerable, but it did not seem to be the attention grabbing, page turner of a show that I am used to from UUOP. I do not blame the content or the hosting crew for that, but rather the running time. It did not seem as if the crew was stretching their conversations on purpose to fill time, but I found myself not really caring too much about their conversations when they got half way through them. This week they share a lot of stories and share a lot of laughs about the last year of shows, but I just found myself very, very unengaged throughout the show. The interview with they had with the composer of Islands of Adventure music was insightful, fun, and a good listen; but I, again, think that the interview ran just a little bit too long. This weeks show is not a snooze fest, to say the least, but it was a little bit average. Don’t get me wrong, average is not bad, but for a show like UUOP, I did expect something else. I was looking for a little bit more substance in this weeks show, but I think there was a bit too much filler and fluff. But I understand,; this weeks show was a celebration. `Often times I find that my view of a show is reflected by the mood I am in while listening to the show. I listened to this show a day after having a wisdom tooth pulled, so that may be a reason for this less than stellar review. Lee, Tracey, Darren, and Hunter worked really hard on this show, and I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it were about an hour or so shorter.

EDIT:  I should also take time to thank Lee and Tracey for all of their helpful hints this week. You guys helped a lot and made my dental operation and recovery a lot more tolerable. Thanks guys! 

WDWNT Show #238: This show, along with WEDWAY radio is probably one of the most consistent and information packed podcasts out there. I also think that they have one of the best hosting crews today. The crew is very knowledgeable and passionate about what goes on at the Disney parks. This week they run down the latest in Disney World news and dissect things from the Avengerrail and the new Photopass Plus feature offered at WDW. Since they offer up anywhere from 4 to 6 different hosts on each show, the listener gets a great variety of opinion, and is able to hear almost every side of any argument that is bought up on the show. They also have a segment where they run down the top ten live entertainment attractions at WDW. This crew knows their stuff, and while sometimes I think they argue about trivial and silly things, they are fun to listen to. From show to show the format will not change too much but they do a the best job of any other show of switching out segments and making sure that their podcast is fresh and listenable. It is a very easy listen and I can listen to it no matter what kind of mood I am in.

DisdadsEpisode 28: This week the Disdads break away a little bit from their normal format and they discuss the DVC resorts at WDW. Since some of the hosts are travel agents, they really do know a lot about the resorts. This show is very well produced and well structured, but eve that cannot save a little bit of a lack of charisma from the hosts. I felt throughout the show that the hosts were reading off of paper and just selling to me. Now, if you are looking for a show that gives you dry, flat information about DVC’s the this is your show. Maybe I am being a little too harsh, but the delivery from the hosts just seemed a little too forced. This weeks show is a little under a half an hour and while the hosts do a great job at giving you the need to know information, they seem to lack a personal touch and insight. Don’t get me wrong, im the biggest fan of a podcast that is short on flash, and glitter, but when I listen to this week’s Disdads podcasts it felt like they were just going through the motions. I am not expecting a flashy music bed and fancy sound effects from these guys, but it would not hurt if they moved away from the dry format and gave this show a little bit more of a personal touch. This weeks show is not completely listenable, but do not expect to be wowed by the show. This podcast does, however, have a lot of important information for you if you are looking to stay at DVC.

Show of the Week: Dis Unplugged April 18: What?! WHAT?!! QUE?! I cannot believe I am saying this, but this weeks show from the Dis Unplugged was more than tolerable, but a really good listen. I realized, after listening to the first half of this weeks offering from Pete Werner and crew, that I was going to have to make this the Show of the Week. I had no other choice. This was, without a doubt, the best podcast released this week. This crew is packed with true professionals. The content, production, and execution of this weeks show was top of the line. i found myself captivated and hanging on almost every word the crew offered up this week. That’s some of the good stuff about this weeks Dis Unplugged, but lets quickly talk about some of the bad thing and hang ups I had with the show. The show opened up with a rant from host Pete. Pete’s rants or legendary and often unforgettable, but this week Pete turned his sights on some of his own listeners. There was, I guess, with the Dis Boards being down, and some listeners had expressed their anger with the boards being slow. Pete’s response was to tell the complainers that his webmaster was working very hard on the site and to lay off. He said he was, “Pissed off” about the situation. Pete demanded that his board users go on the boards and create multiple threads thanking the webmaster for all of his hard work. A little odd, and it was “business as usual” I thought for the dis Unplugged. After the news and housekeeping segment, the show quickly changed gears and went into overdrive.   Kathy and Teresa tried to give an EPCOT 101 walkthrough, but as usual, the others chimed in and made fun of Kathy and Teresa for being actual Disney fans. I really wonder sometimes if Pete, John, and Kevin are more interested in enjoying Disney attractions, or selling cruises and Adventure by Disney trips. Even with all of the heckling from the other hosts, this segment was saved by Teresa and Kathys true passion for Disney and EPCOT. It was truly a fun and informative segment to listen to. What really put this weeks show over the top was a review by the crew of their recent Royal Caribbean cruise. I thought at the onset of this show, that this was just more useless shilling of a travel agency product, but the crew’s professionalism and knowledge quickly made me forget that I was listening to travel agents. I have never been on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but after listening to this segment, I want to. This has without a doubt been a weird week in podcasting, maybe not for everyone else, but maybe just for me. Having a wisdom tooth pulled causes a lot a pain. When you have a lot of pain, you take heavy painkillers. When you take heavy painkillers you give UUOP a sub par review, and you make the Dis Unplugged your Show of the Week.         


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