Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leonard Kinsey's Our Kingdom of Dust

Disney World bad boy Leonard Kinsey is at it again with his new fiction piece Our Kingdom of Dust. Kinsey broke into the Disney scene with his nonfiction hit The Dark Side of Disney. In Dark Side of Disney Kinsey shares some of the super secrets that Disney does not want you to know about. It was a massive success and had the entire Disney community, including some not too happy Disney managers, buzzing.
In Our Kingdom of Dust Kinsey takes a step in a different direction but doesn’t stray away from writing about the true dark side of Disney. This debut novel for Kinsey is almost guaranteed to be like none you have ever read before. It is a mix of Great Expectations, or Catcher in the Rye,but with a hell of a lot more drugs, sex, cursing, and debauchery. I think the term “page turner” is used far too often when it comes to reviews of novels, but I have to say that this book was a true page turner. Kinsey manages to keep you crying, guessing, and laughing not only from page to page but from paragraph to paragraph. 

In the book you following the struggles and adventures of aging Disney fan Blaine McKinnon. Blaine is a 30 something millionaire who realizes that even though he has it all, a massively successful business, millions of dollars, and lots of hangers on who he thinks are his friends; he really has nothing at all. Through a series of very tragic and sad events, Blaine makes the decision to head off to the place where he could get in touch with his inner child, EPCOT Center. But Blaines story is so tragic and unfortunate even his trip from the airport to the Beach Club hotel doesn’t go as planned. 

The most tragic part of this novel isn’t that Blaine has an awful best friend, or the fact that his dog was murdered in cold blood; the sad part about this story really hits when Blaine arrives at EPCOT and realizes that this was not the same park he visited alongside his now dead parents when he was a child. When Blaine walks into EPCOT, this time alone, he is shocked by what he sees.    

“There was a huge wand stuck out of the side of the globe. Mickeys hand was holding the wand, and there were little red stars everywhere. “Epcot” was written above it in an ugly, decidedly non-futuristic font .“ Something was very wrong here” 

The magnitude of this change and the rest of the big life changes that had happened to Blaine all come crashing down at once when he realized that the fan favorite ride Horizons had been torn down.   

“The ride that my parents and I loved so much was gone. For a moment the pain of their death hit me all over again.”

Kinsey manages to balance this kind of dramatic sadness with a really sick twisted and funny level of humor. When Blaine enters another fan favorite attraction Imagination…

“What the hell was Monty Python doing in EPCOT Center?”

Blaine continues to lament when he meets the latest version of Figment…

“Figment farted on the audience at one point and I swear I wanted to punch someone.”

This is the exact mix of humor and sadness that makes this novel a page turner. I found myself laughing, and moved to tears while on the same page of the book. Much like Space Mountain or Tower of Terror, Our Kingdom of Dust is a roller coaster of a ride. Blaine’s adventures around The World are filled with surprise and shock. He soon discovers that there is a special kind of “dust” that helps some of the Disney Cast Members and fans get back to that nostalgic feeling that they are longing for. Blaine is confronted with having to face his past, present, and future. Blaine meets a cast of characters  so imaginative and weird that only the same guy who is daring enough to sneak around Magic Kingdom utilidors and crazy enough to put rum in his Dole Whips could think of.  

At its soul, Our Kingdom of dust is a novel about confronting life’s challenges, and coming home. Leonard Kinsey really hits the ball out of the park and shakes off the curse of a sophomore slump with his second book. This book is funny, sad, and powerful. Following Blaine around Orlando is a true adventure and you never know what is going to happen to him next. Kinsey really leaves you questioning some of the events in your own life, and a book that can allow you to look in the mirror and entertain you at the same time is truly a book worth reading!  

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