Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Week in Podcasting June 3-9

A Couple of DisneyGeeks June 2, 2012: Sigh..Damnit! These guys seem really, really cool. They are likeable and really know their Disney history. There is only one problem with this podcast, but it is a HUGE problem. The hosts of this show need to really take a look at their audio. This sound on this show is grainy, static filled, and damn near unlistenable! It sounds like the hosts are talking to each other through tin cans and recording the show on an old 45 record. I can not even believe that they would even out the show out like this. I have to crank my volume up by 50% just to get a hint of what they are saying. I am not exaggerating in the least bit. I was really looking forward to hearing these guys talk about Disney Imagineers of the past, but 10 seconds into the show I knew that it was going to be a rough listen. It didn’t matter what they said, or how good the content of the show is because the audio, or lack thereof is so distracting you cant focus on what the hosts are saying. This is nothing more than disappointing, upsetting and I think the hosts of this show should really think twice before releasing a show that has such major production and audio problems.

Of Mouse and Man Show#9: This is quickly becoming one of my must listen shows. its not quite there yet, but it is climbing the ladder. I should say that without Scarlett, this show would not be as entertaining. Her constant ranting, cursing, and WTF logic is very funny and great to listen to. The bit where they have a guest host play a different character each week is very tired, kind of forced, and not needed at all. That gag is nothing but distracting to the listener and should be removed as soon as possible. This week the crew talks about the recent information that has come from Disney about the new Dueling Dumbos attraction and queueless queue. at Magic Kingdom. The segment where the hosts are asked if they could design a queueless lounge for any ride is very funny. Per usual the crew does not take this topic seriously, but I have come to expect that from this show. Don’t get your hopes up on this show for hardcore history, information, and content. Just relax and enjoy the cursing and poop jokes. Not every podcast needs to be as serious as an NPR news hour. (Shudder)  Once again, Scarlett goes off and has an epic rant. I can not understate how much she contributes to this weeks show. The hosts also discuss the recent jump in admission prices to WDW. As they share their disgust with the price increases I started to wonder how fine the line was between complaining and ranting.  The chemistry between the hosts is nothing but top notch. Just when the host who plays a different character each week starts to get on your nerves, Scarlett jumps in with a few well-placed bad words and gives you a reason to not tune out. Host Bryan tries so hard to keep the rest of the crew on track and focused, but much like Tim from WDW Fanboys, he often falls short. I really wanted to make this weeks offering from Of Mouse and Man Show of the Week, but its just missing that little bit of something to get it over the top. Maybe, in time it, will get there.  If you want to hear a highly entertaining, slightly informative, and funny show, give this new comer to the much too crowded Disney Podcast scene a shot.  

Inside The Magic Show374: Ricky is just a professional, and it makes me sick. This show is so well structured and has such great sound and production quality I feel like vomiting. Not the kind of, “this show stinks” vomit, but the “I wish I could produce a show 10% as good as this one” kind of vomit. That’s the tastiest vomit there is. Ricky tends not to stray too far away from his usual show format. A news segment, a ride, hotel or restaurant review, and then an interview. The stagnant formatting style can cause comfort or pain. Comfort because you know what to expect, or pain from the mundane same old stuff. Pick your poison. Per usual, this weeks show is no exception. Ricky runs down the news from WDW, Disneyland, Seaworld, etc… He also has a must hear interview with a Disney Imagineer about the new Disney Art of Animation resort. Ricky is a pro at this and knows which questions to ask. My only complaint would be that, much like Lou M, Ricky tends to play nice when it comes to discussing all things Disney. Sometimes overly positive and that can often prevent the true story form coming out. This weeks show Is nothing out of the ordinary, and that’s a good thing for ITM fans; same great audio, production, and content from Ricky.

Show of the Week: DisgeekPodcast Episode 37: I am trying really hard to find something bad to say about this show, but I really can’t. This week Daniel and friends talk about the 20th anniversary performance of Disneyland’s Fantasmic. They also discuss a recent trip to DCA’s Mad Tea Party, and just like every other Disney podcast, they rant and rave about the increase in Disney ticket prices. Daniel has such a great understanding and grasps of what the listener wants to hear. There is no wasted time at all in this show. Its not that the shows format is air tight, it’s just that everything the hosts say is worth hearing. They do not waste the listener’s time and they make every second count. As someone who has never been to Disneyland I really do count on this show every other week for information and to get a grip on what’s going on over on the other coast. Another thing that helps separate this show from the others is the analysis. Any show can bring you the news and an interview with an imagineer, but the DisGeek hosts have some of the best ideas, opinions, and thoughts out there. They are smart, funny, and really do a great job at getting their point across. If I could make this blog half as articulate as these show hosts are, I would be pulling Lou Mongello type of numbers. From top to bottom this weeks show it a great listen. I am now even more excited to visit the Mad Tea Party and very curious to comparemy experience there with the hosts. Its because of shows like this week’s that keep me coming back to DisGeek for more. The audio at the end of the show of the special 20th anniversary Fantasmic is even worth the listen. 

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