Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Show of the Month

I gave you, the readers, a chance to vote on which one of the three Shows of the Week from May you thought should be Show of the Month. The votes came in via twitter @wakefieldreport and the winner and May Show of the month is.......

Show of the Month: Mousestation Episode 447: On this weeks show host Mark makes us all jealous and share some stories and audio from his recent trip to a behind the scenes trip around new Fantasyland in WDW. The audio portion is really neat and brings to the forefront some rare and very special audio. I really wish they would have entered I some pictures along with the audio walk along. Kind of the way WDWNT does with their enhanced podcast, but maybe I am being too greedy and just enjoy the great audio on the show. Mark on eon one interview with Imaginer Chris Beaty is really well done. He manages to get some really important information out of him. Mark definitely knows his stuff and he asks Chris some very interesting questions about the relationship between the new Fantasyland construction and the former 20,000 leagues attraction. That is a question that only a pro who is well versed in WDW history could ask! A big thanks to Mark for reminding me of how little I know about WDW history.  He also asks Chris about sightlines and other things. This interview is a cant miss for anyone who is anticipating the opening of New Fantasyland. The interview with Danielle Duffy is just as good. As someone who does not stay on site I was not as thrilled about the Art of Animation resort, but the interview was still a good listen. This show is very well organized. The hosts have a great presence and really know how to navigate the listener around a podcast. I really find the whole “Mouse Planet” gimmick and mentions kind of forced and corny but its not too much, but it does kind of distract me as a listener. Give me a simple, straight forward listen. Tell me stories and make me laugh. I do not need to hear that I am to, “keep my hands and feet inside the podcast”. I hate it when shows do that. That being said, I am very happy with this show. I am surprised I have made it this long and I am just now getting around to listening to and reviewing the show. At the end of the day, of all the podcasts I listened to this week, I learned the most from Mousesation. Packed with insider information and a splash of Disney history, I was very surprised and pleased with this show. Its my first time listening to the show and my first time reviewing it and it has already won its first Show of the Week! That’s impressive.  

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