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This Week in Podcasting July 15-21

Sorry for keeping things a bit brief on this week’s article and for the two week absence. I am home from a very busy vacation in which I was able to collect some really great interviews from some very interesting people. Stay tuned for those in the coming weeks, and as always, thanks for reading and supporting! – CW

Communicore OnlineEpisode 87: Ok, Lester Day is growing on me, but I am still a fan of a straight forward news segment. I admit I am not your average podcast listener (Then why am I reviewing podcasts?) so I may be ou of touch with the usual listener. Shane is still a top notch host, and this weeks show is no different. On this weeks Ears to the Ground segment is audio from Wishes. Since I just returned home from a week at Disney, I skipped this segment. The Wishes audio is not my favorite. From what I could hear before I fast forwarded past the segment, Shane managed to get some good, clean, quality audio from the show. Shane does a really good job with the hidden Mickey segments and they are worth the listen every time. Shane slides in a funny quip at the end of this segment that got a hardy laugh out of me. As usual, Shane keeps this weeks show short, crisp, and very efficient. I wish the shows were a bit longer, but I can appreciate efficiency and smoothness of the production. Shane makes another plea for people to attend his EPCOT’s 30th anniversary event and group booking deal which sounds like fun. This show is consistently good, and since it is always kept short, it is always worth the listen. Shane does a great job at not wasting the listener’s time. I appreciate that a lot.   


WDW Fanboys Episode137: On this weeks show Paul, Bret(t)?, and Tim talk about some of the recent rumors that are coming out of Universal Studios Florida. I really like how a show that is supposed to be focused on WDW spends time on Universal Orlando. I think it really speaks to how far the “other” park has come in the last two years or so. At times I think this is the best ensemble of hosts in podcasting and at other times I think they are their own worst enemy. At their best the Fan Boys are smart, informed, and funny. But when they are not on their game it shows. Sometimes they go out of their way to be funny and sarcastic and it is not funny. It’s distracting and can sometimes kill the momentum of a conversation. This week we get the funny, informative Fan Boys. They really hit on the root of fanboy conversation which is rumors, speculation, and wishing/wanting for improvements at Universal Orlando. Tim and Paul have a really good back and forth when it comes to how the quality of rides can or cannot depend on their source material. I personally think Paul was being stubborn when it came to visiting and enjoying Universal Orlando. I think calling the Transformers ride, “laughable”, was a stretch and an attempt to just be a difficult. But that’s ok, because I think the ride looks less than average, but not, “laughable”.  If you have been out of the loop on what is going on at UOR this weeks show will go a long way in helping you catch up with what is going on with Transformers, Potter, and more. One good thing about this weeks show is that the rumors and speculation is backed up by “facts” and semi-solid logical information. Give it a listen and soak yourself in the classic fanboy conversation you have come to know and love.    

Magical DefinitionJuly 21, 2012: Nathan and Jim are back after missing a few shows; this is where I would yell and scream about them not being consistent, but I took a couple of weeks off  myself so…..  On this weeks show they recap and talk about their time out in San Diego at Comic Con. Jim and Nathan bring their usual wide range of knowledge and insight to this podcast. To say that Jim and Nathan had some of the best coverage on 2012 Comic Con would be an understatement. But what is really cool about this weeks show is that the two hosts really sift through all of the information and present only the “need to know” stuff that their listeners want to hear. Jim is full of important information and must hear stories that take you behind the scenes of the film industry and tells you some of the best nuggets of backstage Disney information. Jim does tend to go down a rabbit hole and goes a little bit off topic, but when Jim Hill goes off topic, you want to listen! Give this show a listen if you want to know what all of the latest happenings are in the Disney and entertainment business. Hopefully they, and I, are back to a regular weekly schedule because I start to go crazy without my weekly MagDef fix.  

Show of the Week: CommucoreWeekly Episode 27: Another sleek, efficient, and fun show to listen to. Like Communcore Online, this show is heavily segment based, which helps the podcaster, and listener to focus on one topic out of time and not feel overwhelmed with information. This is one of the best produced shows out there, and I like the original audio drops between segments. (I know I have said this all before, but it still rings true). This is one of those rare consistent podcasts you can listen to and know what you are going to get, each and every week. When I saw that this weeks history segment was going to be on the now gone EPCOT attraction World of Motion, my ears perked up and I was really looking forward the segment. Thankfully George and Jeff did not disappoint and gave a lot of great information and really got me more interested in World of Motion; hello Youtube! Always funny, and always informative, this segment is quickly becoming one of my favorites in all of podcasting. I just wish it was a little bit longer. The Book of the Week segment is also one of my favorites. As someone who can not get enough Disney history, I find this part of the show not only entertaining, but very useful. One of the best parts about this show is that the hosts do not take the usual topic bait that other podcasts out there take. So when everyone else in the world is talking about Cars Land or Art of Animation, you can always count on Communicore Weekly to have original content.    

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