Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Week in Podcasting July 22-28

Mousetalgia Episode195: I think for the last few months or so, I have fallen in love with shows that focus on Disney parks other than Walt Disney World. The Disneyland focused Mousetalgia show is growing on me quite a bit.  I cannot put my finger on it exactly, but there is something a bit special about this show. Maybe it’s the fact that the hosts focus on Disney history, maybe it’s the great chemistry the hosts have with each other, or maybe it is something else that my half assed 4th grade writing skills just cannot describe. I do enjoy the bits and bites segment, which acts like a rapid fire news segment; even though this segment was not too rapid. But that is ok, because the segment was efficient and the hosts kept it interesting. The relaxed, fun, and easy going vibe that the hosts give off really comes across in the show audio. This show is easy to listen to, and they still manage to get their points across. On the Mousetalgia Emporium segment the crew talks to the California couple who decided to visit Disneyland everyday this year. The interview was a bit of a fluffy, softball interview, but I didn’t expect the hosts to go all Bill OReilly and start yelling at or hounding the guests. I just wish the hosts would have asked some more interesting questions. The segment on the visit to the Disney history exhibit at the Regan library was funny, informative, and very well done. Again, relaxed, laid back, and funny. The hosts have a ton of chemistry and put out some really great shows.         

Disney Geek AdventuresEpisode 79: This was my first time listening to this show and I was not sure what to expect. First off I should say that I really enjoy the way the background music is blended in with the main audio. I am usually not a big fan of background music in podcasts. I think what the host is saying is most important, and too many times the music is distracting and gets in the way. On this show however, the music is expertly blended and really does enhance the show. I should mention that this is the first new episode of this podcast in almost 1 year. The host has been away at school, and handling some personal things, but he did not seem to miss a beat! The main focus of the show is on a recent trip to Disneyland Paris. The show features audio from the park. As I have said before, I am not the biggest fan of in park audio, and this show did do some good to change my mind. I am very curious about DLP and want to absorb as much about the resort as possible, I think the host did a decent job of mixing his own commentary with the ambient sound from the park. Still not the biggest fan of in park audio, but im not just skipping past it like I used to. All in all, this show was pretty good. The host did a good job at sharing the park with the listeners, and seems to have a true passion for Disney. Is it top ten material? Not for me, just yet. But go ahead and give it a listen, your thoughts may be the exact opposite of mine.      

ISO 5571 Episode 29: I think I like torture. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad show at all. I just don’t know what the hell these guys are talking about half the time. That is not their fault at all; its mine. As someone who is a growing photography fan, I am going to dedicate more time to listening to this show on a regular basis to help me build my knowledge. Maybe then, I can come on and give this show a full stamp of approval. Again, to someone who is experienced in photography I am sure this is one of the best podcasts out there for theme park fans, but for me, I have a lot of catching up to do. On this weeks show the hosts discuss which lens is the best to use when inside the Disney parks. As usual, these guys know their stuff. The hosts are experts in their field, and offer up some great information that can be used inside the parks. When talking about using a wide angle lens one host says, “(Mickey) looks creepy, and he looks like a scary clown.” Ok, so maybe in type it doesn’t seem funny, but in audio form it is hilarious. The hosts are very personable and do a great job of sharing their knowledge and experiences. I really did enjoy listening to this week’s show, and despite all of my gripping about the show material being too advanced for me, I really did learn a lot from this podcast, and I look forward to more great shows. I hope someday I will have enough knowledge to keep up with the conversation on every show.    

Show of the Week: Disney FilmProject Episode 81: This is a really cool show. This week the hosts discuss the much aligned Disney animated film, Home on the Range. The hosts are not shy at all to share their feelings about how bad, from beginning to end, this film was. Much more than make fun of how bad the movie is, the hosts take you through the movie, and give you details and notes on the film. I instantly found myself drawing comparisons between this show and the Rotoscopers podcast. While Rotoscopers has a better production quality and a bit more structure, this show is relaxed, funny, and does not have the loud constant giggling, and over quoting that plagues the Rotoscopers. These guys really know their movies, and know their nerdy, college film 101 movie terms. The show is snarky, smart, and funny. The show clocks in at about 58 minutes, but it goes by quickly; that’s because the hosts make great use of their time, and make every minute of the podcast count. The hosts are laid back, and the production quality is good enough. Nothing spectacular on the audio side, but the lack of distracting music and sound effects is a big plus. I look forward to adding this to my regular weekly shows. It is really worth the listen. 

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