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This Week in Podcasting August 12-18

WDW Radio Episode 287: On this weeks show Lou is joined by a couple of guests to discuss his recent trip to California to attend Disney’s Destination D event. This is not your typical Lou Mongello, “everything in Disney is great and fantastic” type of show. While Lou still manages to put everything at the event over, he manages to provide a lot of information to his listeners. The usual WDW Radio show is filled with lots of fluff, some information, and Lou making the same jokes about how much he likes food each week. And that is a shame; Lou is very smart, and has a lot of great information about WDW. This week the show is more than tolerable, it is a great listen. This is the only show that I listened to this week, since I cant listen to them all, that covered the evens at Destination D. As usual, the sound production and quality is excellent, and Lou does a decent job at keeping his guest hosts involved in the show. Lou is funny, smart, and this week at least, does a good job at making sure the listener gets the “must hear” information. Give this show a listen, just don’t be surprised if you tune in next week and Lou is singing the praises of Stich’s Great Escape and saying something like, “I wouldn’t change a thing about the Backlot Tour!”     

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast Episode 37: Kind of your typical UUOP this week, but with a bit of a twist. Lee, Tracey, and Darren continue to be the preeminent voices when it comes to Universal Studios Florida. They keep trucking on this week with their, “Walk the Walk” segment. This weeks show is started off with the news/housekeeping segment. If you ask me, this segment is too long and tends to drag on with duplicated and unneeded information. Don’t get me wrong, the segment is good, but the crew could do a little bit of work to tighten up the segment and make it more efficient. Often times I find myself skipping the first 6 or so minutes of the show where they plug their twitter, facebook, etc… This same information is put at the end of the show. I skip ahead a bit because I know that these guys are so great when they are talking Universal. I get so excited to hear the main topic of the show I simply don’t want to have to listen to the same stuff that is put at the beginning of every single show. The main Walk the Walk segment was ok. And just ok isn’t good enough for this crew. Copying and pasting info from Universals website and just reading it off a paper to your audience is just not entertaining to me. Rarely did the crew expand on their own personal thoughts of the particular attraction or eatery they were talking about; but when they did it was brilliant and wonderful to listen to. I just wish it was more than a simple copy, paste, and read job. The addition of Eric Davis to the team is a big plus. His in park audio is clear, crisp, and fun to listen to. I think UUOP should try a bit harder to think outside of the book. Their interview shows are amazing. I hope that they continue to try to break the mold, and show theme park fans that there is more the Orlando than a Mouse.   

In the Loop Rebooted August 14: When I first heard that this show was being recorded without the helping production hand of host Clint Novak I was a bit cautious to listen. This weeks show is anchored by hosts Legend and Adam. The format of this weeks show is even simpler than the already simple format of Inside the Loop. Clint is not there to produce, so this weeks show is just Legend and Adam chatting to each other about theme parks. No music, no sound effect, no interviews. They do take some phone calls from listeners, and that adds a little to the show. This show was so bare bones and so simple, it was a bit of a nice respite from some of todays over produced, loud shows. don’t get me wrong, Clint is one of my favorite podcast hosts, but this weeks show was a little special. Adam House’s calm manner mixed with Legend’s wit and humor made for a good show this week. News segment was usual as expected and calls were awkward and a bit shallow, as expected. Great show this week, and I welcome Clint’s return next week.

Show of the Week: DIBBcast Xtra 30: Ok, so my first and so far only review of this show was met with lots of confusion, and a little bit of anger. I thought back then, that this shows simple and easy format was great to listen to. And writing my second review of the show a few months later, I still think that. This weeks show is what I have come to expect from the DibbCast XTra crew. They talked about some recent theme park news to start off the show. No distracting and overproduced segment breaks with lots of music and sound effects. As a UK podcast, they seemed to make themselves stand out from the rest. Yes, the news they cover is the same as everyone else in the UK, but their simple and at times, dry approach to the news is easy to listen to. I think some show hosts can sense that they are putting out the same information and segments as every other UK, so they try really hard to make themselves stand out. Sometimes this can backfire on a show. By trying too hard to be funny, or by taking a WDW Fanboy like, “I don’t really care what we are talking about” approach is nothing short of frustrating. This show is simple, and does a great job at getting the information across to the listener. That, to me at least, is why I listen to a podcast. Im not there to listen to you make what you think is a funny joke every 4 minutes. Give me the news, tell me what you think, and for the love of God, don’t put Fantasmic as your background music. The addition of the interview of the DIBBCast crew on Mousechat was a great addition to the show as well. I learned a lot from this weeks show. Again, easy to listen to, great information for the listener, and a simple format is what made this weeks show a great listen. But then again, I am a simpleton, so maybe im not the one you should be turning to for podcast reviews!   

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