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This Week in Podcasting July 29- August 4

WDW Big Q Episode 10: On the 10th show for WDW Bid Q the crew talks about their favorite sounds at Walt Disney World. The interesting part about this segment though is that the crew is not allowed to play audio of the certain sounds they like. So in an attempt to make this show more interesting the crew is only allowed to make the sound themselves. So instead of playing a clip of the drop on Splash Mountain, they try to make the sound with their mouths…..? Ok, kind of funny, or neat, I guess. Why not just play the clip? While that may be a bad mark against the show, points go to the hosts for keeping this show organized, efficient, and for having decent audio quality. This weeks show clocks in at just under 20 minutes and the single topic/question format keeps the show pretty tight. This weeks show is not the best I have heard in the world of theme park podcasting, but it does show some really good potential. With only being 10 shows in, I am sure this show will grow in the future. The crew seems to have good chemistry and I did enjoy the interaction between the hosts. Since the show is so short, I think it would be worth the 20 minutes of listening.  

The Hub PodcastEpisode 44: This weeks show from The Hub is over two hours long! Who do they think they are, WDWNT?! To start off this weeks podcast the two hosts talk about the recent turmoil between the Disney owned ABC network, and the Modern Family cast. Since this is my first time listening to The Hub, I found myself wondering why this was in a Disney podcast. Wait; is this even a Disney podcast? I guess it is since the next topic the two hosts talk about is the free Magic Kingdom park wide wifi. Whew, I thought I had wondered into a podcast about ABC’s prime time lineup. The hosts of this show are very smart and articulate. They really do know their stuff about the parks, and about how the resorts work. The guys do being up a lot of good points during their talk about the impending infiltration of Starbucks into the Disney parks. while this show lacks the standard segment style structure, the more loose relaxed format allows the two hosts to have a casual back and forth conversation that makes for some really easy listening for the listener. Hosts Aaron and Matt do not get into topics that are too serious and they keep the conversation light. As usual, I am partial to a podcast that gets into Disney history and this show seemed to be void of that. But that is ok, because the hosts still manage to keep the show interesting. Even though this show is kind of cut and dry, it is still a joy to listen to. Sometimes dead simple is better. I could easily see myself listening to this show every week. I do not know if this is the type of format they use for every show, but I do like it; even though I would like to see a bit more Disney history in the show. It seems that’s my answer for every podcast; more Disney history.         

Disney Magic and MoreEpisode 43: This is yet another podcast that strays away from the usual Disney theme park talk, and focuses exclusively on Disney movies. On this weeks show the two hosts discuss the Disney movie Atlantis. I am always a little cautious when listening to shows that only talk about Disney movies; often times they fall into the trap of giving a broad brush and simple recap of the movie and the hosts tend to annoyingly over quote the movie and giggle their way through the entire show. So I found myself wondering if this was going to be that kind of show, or a more mature, insightful podcast. While the hosts do give some great background information on the movie, there still is a good amount of unneeded giggling. While, obviously, its ok for hosts to laugh and have fun during a show, this show is riddled with giggling, and high school like comments and conversation; particularly by the female host. If you listen to the show it sounds like she is just waiting for the other host to stop talking so she can swoop in with a silly comment or giggly joke. She really did not add much information to the show, but rather a less than stellar color commentator who, personally, I wanted to be quiet so the other hosts could bring the show back to order. Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad show, but I found it getting increasingly difficult to listen to because the female host was seriously dragging the show down. I hate to sound so mean and callous, and that’s probably not fair, but she really did make this show kind of hard to listen to. if you are looking for information on Atlantis, you will get it out of this show, you just have to hang in there, and weed through the silly comments and giggling. Id much rather have a podcast host who is so passionate about a topic she giggles and laughs her way through an entire show, than have one who couldn’t care less about a topic that she is just going through the motions. To sum it up; I’m confused, probably a hypocrite, and might give this show a few more listens hoping it gets better.         

SHOW OF THE WEEK: CoasterRadio Episode 644: This is a self-admitted “complainie” show this week from Mike and EB. They share some stories about people inside some of the theme parks that annoy them; this show has potential. A topic like that to a theme park podcast listener is like comfort food. One thing that Mike and EB get into before they hit this topic is they put a call out to their listeners. After explaining that this is the end of another season of the show, they ask their listeners to go onto their website and fill out a survey to help the hosts improve the show for the next season. In the last couple of years of listening to theme park podcast, i’ve never heard this type of request. Most of the time show hosts think their show is perfect and needs no improvement. Trust me, I have enough emails from hosts who were offended that I dare write and suggest that their shows might be slightly less than perfect. With that being said, its good to see that this pair of show hosts are humble and understanding enough to realize that we all can improve and do better. The live trip report in the show is standard fare for the show. Mike and EB had on a guest who recently broke a world record on a Canadian theme park attraction. While I am not the biggest fan of these types of interviews, this segment was pretty good and well worth the listen. Mike and EB do a great job at asking some really good questions from their guest. I am always amazed by the amount of chemistry that Mike and EB have with each other. The guys are funny, quick, and really do a good job of playing off of each other. This weeks show is nothing out of the ordinary from Mike and EB, and that is a good thing. Each and every week these guys put out informative, stellar, funny, and entertaining shows; without a doubt this show is one of the best out there.        

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