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This Week in Podcasting September 1-October 6

Season Pass Podcast Episode 212: This is another show where Doug Barnes and crew broadcast live from inside of the park. I think that this show does the best job out there of bringing live audio to the listeners. Most other shows just do not have the equipment and know how to pull something like that off, and often times it comes across as too loud, distracting, and annoying. But these guys have it down to a science. On this weeks show we get to meet some of the people who make the Carolina region park Carowinds possible. Another thing that this show manages to do best is highlight and present some of the smaller regional parks to the listeners. There is a lot of history and operational “wonk” talk in this show. Doug does a great job at asking probing questions, and he really does have a sense for what the listener wants to hear. This show was on in the background of my office while I was working, so I was not hanging on to every word of the show, but I never found myself bored or tuning out from the show. a great show, especially if you find yourself wanting to break away from the usual Disney talk. Solid, well produced, and full of great info! 701: On the show this week Mike and EB are reunited with some of their former co hosts known as the “Joint Chiefs”. I was expecting some of the usual theme park talk from the show this week, but the show started off really slow and, to be honest, kind of boring. The first part of the show was spent by the hosts catching up with each other. I do realize that this is the first episode of the new season for Mike and EB and that this is the first time these guys have talked in quite some time, but I found myself bored and uninterested by the conversations of the guys talking about doing laundry and what not. Now I may be in the minority there, but to me it was nothing short of boring and a waste of my time. Since this was the way the show started off, I tuned out for a lot of the restof the show. The live call from Mike at EPCOT was interesting but didn’t really bring that much usable and unique content, but compared to the rest of the show it was the best offering this week. I know that Mike and EB did a lot of survey work of their audience during the summer and I know that they are trying to re tool some of the things on their show, so I hope the rest of this season is a lot better than the opening episode this week. Lets just call it a false start, and come back next week with our fingers crossed.    

In The Loop Rebooted October 3: This weeks show from the Coaster Crew is a little different and slightly scaled back. Due to the celebration of EPCOT’s 30th birthday the show was not recorded live and regular co host Adam House is not on. Gone is the usual news and Douche of the Week segments this week. Instead hosts Clint and Legend talk with Scott Swanson of Busch Gardens Tampa to talk about Halloscream. It was a decent interview with no surprises, but lots of good info if you were curious about the event. Legend also adds to the show this week with a little bit of a recap of some of the events at EPCOT’s 30th. Clint talks about his recent trip to the Virginia State Fair. So the content on this weeks show was not the best, but the hosts are funny and charismatic enough, they can make the lightest of topics easy and fun to listen to. Im sure with a full hosting staff and more content next week the show will be back to its usual self. Don’t get me wrong, this weeks show was still neat to listen to, just a little light on content.   

Show of the Week :Inside the Magic Episode 391: By far and away, the best show I listened to this week. I am usually not the biggest fan of Ricky because this show can be really one dimensional and fluff filled at times. Each week is kind of the same thing. And that may not really be a bad thing if you like to know what to expect in a show. Sometimes I like a surprise or two. This week, however, was the most exceptional, complete, and comprehensive look at EPCOT’s 30th anniversary. I thought that I was getting burned out on EPCOT shows and content, but Ricky did an excellent job at recapping the event and he had the best overall content of any show this week. One of the things that really shined in this weeks show was the interviews from the event. Ricky interviewed multiple people for the show and he used one of my favorite interviewing tactics; he stayed out of the way of the interview and let his guest do the talking. Often times the person conducting the interview finds a way to make the interview about them (Lou M), but Ricky took a back seat and pulled some great stories and information out of his guests. It did get a little bit distracting at times as audio from other interviews in the area was bleeding over into Ricky’s audio. But I guess that was something he could not help. Since the content of the interview was so great, you kind excuse the overlapping interview audio. Great job by Ricky on this weeks show; truly amazing! 

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