Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week in Podcasting: March 4-10

Generation Mouse Episode56: This show is quickly growing on me. The hosts are so relate able and fun to listen to. I can not believe that they continue to put such amazing and interesting shows. i find myself liking these shows more and more because the shows are coming from a crew that is so passionate about WDW, and their opinions are innocent, and genuine. This week the crew talks about the different Disney princesses. They discuss the attitude, personality, and stories of the Disney princesses. Some of the princesses even get their royalty questioned. The quality of the conversation is top notch also. The crew talks about the evolution of the attitudes of the princesses. This was an entirely new field of thought for me. I wont get into details about how the conversation goes, but just know that if you listen then you will never look at the princesses in the same way again.  

Season Pass PodcastEpisode 194: This week host Doug Barnes is joined by a slew of guest for the 2012 West Coast bash. The show is broadcast live from famous Knotts Berry Farms in southern California with guests Robert Coker, Jeff Tucker, Daniel Miller, and Robb Alvey. Whew, that’s one hell of a line up! Doug and his large crew cover a variety of Knotts topics. I am someone who has never been to, or cared about going to KBF, and what makes this week TSPP special is that it kept my attention and kept me interested.  The gang talks about upcoming attractions for Knotts. Doug and the crew have an A+, great conversation with KFB general manager Raffi Kaprelyan. Raffi shares his amazing story of how he went from a simple newbie to Knotts, to the general manager of the world renowned park. This weeks show from TSPP is just like all of the others; great content, great quality, and a great listen!   

Be Our Guest PodcastEpisode 417: This week host Mike is joined by guest Laura. Laura comes on the show this week to talk about her recent trip to WDW. Mike does a great job at discussing recent events with Laura. Laura stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort and toured WDW by herself. She does a great job on the show getting out some really important information and tips to solo travelers. It seems a little bit like hosts Mikes views about WDW are a little bit muted and a bit overly positive, but that’s ok I guess. I shouldn’t complain about a host being too positive and at the same time complain about other hosts being too negative. Right? Laura and Mike make listening very east and pleasant. This show is an all around good show. Great production quality, and some pretty decent content. Am I too reluctant to say nice things?     

SHOW OF THE WEEK: Coaster Episode 622: The reason this weeks offering from hosts Mike and EB Show of the Week is a little bit different. When I heard the first ten minutes of this weeks show was aggravated, annoyed, and disappointed. The hosts open the show by telling us that they are going to be running down the semi finalist for their annual reel design contest. The contest is a user submitted contest where fans pitch attraction ideas based off of real films. I heard the opening and I gave a big “sigh”. I thought, “well this is going to be incredibly boring”, but silly me for underestimating the talent of hosts Mike and EB. They did a great job at painting a mental picture of the attractions. They did a great job at getting their point across, and sharing their unfiltered opinions. I would have never thought that a couple of guys talking about user submitted roller coaster ideas would be appealing, but the attraction ideas are so amazing, that, combined with Mike and EB’s excellent commentary made this weeks show a great addition to what was a pretty mediocre week in theme park podcasting.  


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