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This Week in Podcasting March 11-17

These Amazing Places show203: This was the first unofficial Disney podcast that I ever listened to. I did a random iTunes search for “theme park podcast”, and this show was the first that came up. I was amazed at the production quality. The format for this show is not my favorite. The bulk of these shows is mainly on ride audio based. This format is great for a listener who does not go to WDW that often, but for someone who is in the parks every month, I do not have a huge need for a format like this. Even still, I really do like this show. They have a small news segment and a little bit of a discussion segment on each end of their shows. I rediscovered this sow in the middle of the week and I am so in love with it, I am going to go back into their archives and start catching up on past shows. The audio quality of the show is stellar as well. I am sure that when I redo my Top Ten Theme Park Podcast list at the end of the year, this show may make its way onto the list. It is a little bit out of the mainstream of regular Disney podcasts, but you will be glad you took the time to listen to These Amazing Places.

Disney, Indiana Episode96: Again, I should say that I am a little bit biased with this podcast because I am from Indiana, so just hearing the name of this show gives me a nice warm feeling inside. That being said, this weeks show from hosts Tracey and Scott was stellar, as usual. The show starts off with a little bit of a dud. There is a bit too much scripted material, and Im not a big fan of all of the ads. Although I cant blame them too much for putting ads in their show. The scripted material is a bit of a turn off though. Next the duo goes on an in depth exploration of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. They do an amazing job at giving some great information. Their presentation is very well done and I love how they plan a saluting a different short from time to time. Co host Tracey gives a great review of the book Walt before Mickey. I had no idea this book was even around. Tracey gave such a good review I went ahead and purchased it online. That makes for a total of about 20 theme park books I have sitting on my shelf that I have yet to read. They wrap up the show with a look at the troubled look at the new Disney dud John Carter. When its all said and done, these two really know what they are doing. The production quality is amazing, and they seem  to really know what their listeners want to hear.   

Communicore OnlineEpisode 77: I know I say this about other shows, but I really mean it about Communicore Online; this show may be the best produced shows out there in all of podcast. Not just theme park podcasting. This weeks show starts off with the regular news segment, but this news segment is not your average one. Lester Day gives a very quick but important new update. The news is quick, hard hitting, and gets to only the important happenings in the recent week of Disney news. Next host Shane shares on board ride audio of everyones favorite underdog attraction at WDW; the TTA. Shane hits it out of the park when it comes to audio quality on this one. Im not quite sure how he does but he manages to capture the every flowing and continuously moving audio flawlessly. Shane always wraps up his show with a sage piece of advice for his listeners. This again, is one of the most underappreciated podcast out there. I really don’t hear its name come up a lot when fans are talking about some of their favorite shows, but Shane continues to push out quality show after quality show.

SHOW OF THE WEEK: Mouse Lounge Season 6 Episode 12: This week host Gary Chambers is joined by his friend Liana for another special Behind the Mickey bar segment. Liana talks about her recent experience inside Disneyland with the a very special backstage look at the southern California park. Liana gives an excellent account of her full day of events. She took a trip around backstage and she had a very special experience inside the elusive Walts apartment inside Disneyland. Liana is so fun to listen to. Gary does a great job at asking important questions. Between the two of them there wasn’t a stone left uncovered when it came to the full day of events for Liana inside the park. I am used to a Mouse lounge show that is full of special history segments and some really exclusive audio that you cant hear on any other Disney podcast. That being said, even though Gary broke from the usual format, this weeks show is still top notch. There is little to no chance that I will be able to have the experience that Liana had, so she did a really great job at giving a step by step, and emotion by emotion account of her day. I am so thankful that she shared her experience with the Mouse Lounge audience. This show is 100% a must listen!


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