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This Week in Podcasting March 18-24

DIS Unplugged March 21: I am a little afraid to say this but I think this show may be changing for the better. I am so timid to say this because I don’t want the hosts to realize it and change the show back to its former, more undesirable format. Now don’t get me wrong, the show is getting better, but there still is a lot of things about the Dis Unplugged that I do not like. This weeks news and roundtable segment was one of the brighter spots for me. Usually this segment is filled with story after story that is geared to get you to buy trips through the hosts travel agency. It is such a huge turn off for me, but this week they kept the advertising to a minimum. I do not know if that was intentional or not, but I like it. Hosts Teresa and Kathy gave a very funny and somewhat informative review of Disneys Hollywood Studios. I have to say that the rest of the crew picking on Teresa is getting very, very old. Teresa is the every man’s man, and when the crew picks on her for being “normal”, and having the same deep emotional feelings about Disney as the majority of Dis listeners only makes the rest of the crew seem more out of touch and snooty than usual. It seems like some of the hosts don’t even enjoy being at Disney. Hell, the only reason they have a show or set foot into the parks is so they can shove their  travel agency down your throat; and if your not willing to give them your business, they want nothing to do with you as a simple fan of their show.   

Mousetalgia Episode 177: This is the first time that I have ever listened to or heard of this podcast. Its not new to the scene at all, but for some reason it has managed to fly under my radar. This show is a little bit different than the rest of the Disney podcasts. The crew opens the show with a little bit of a news recap. They do a lot more news than just the typical, “this and that ride are down for rehab” type of thing. They do a good job at looking back into the company’s history, and they do a good job at looking at Disney as a whole. The wine talk was a little bit boring for me, but im sure a lot of people enjoyed it. The hosts go into a bit of a discussion about John Carter. Their views are interesting and not too far out of line with everyone else. In the main feature of the show the hosts invite Disney author and historian Jeff Kurtti on the show to talk about the life and passing of Robert Sherman. The segment taught me a lot about Sherman and the crew did a very good job at getting across the depth of emotion that the rest of the Disney community is feeling with Robert Sherman’s passing. Guest Jeff does a fantastic job at sharing stories about Sherman. He brings a very close and personal look at the life of Sherman. This show from the Mousestalgia group is very good. Its solid all the way through and easy to listen. It’s a new show for me, but it will definitely be on my must listen list every week!       

The Rotoscopers Episode 5: This show may very well be Rookie of the Year. Great production quality, great content, and personable hosts. That being said, there still are a few things I take issue with for this weeks show. This week the three hosts bring up the topic of the story, and history of Disney/Pixars Toy Story. Their analysis of the film is spot on, but their discussion, and back and forth was a little bit weird. The hosts are very enthusiastic about Toy Story and that shows in this podcast. I do think that they quoted the movie a bit too much. It would have been fine if they had put in a drop or two here or there, but when they continuously quote the movie, and then giggle afterwards, it kind of got a little bit of annoying. Its ok to drop a funny line here or there, but it just seems like the crew over did it. I know they are young, and enthusiastic, but the constant schoolgirl like giggling throughout the show was a bit of a turn off for me. Don’t let that be too much of a deterrent for you when it comes to listening to this show. This podcast is still a one of a kind show that brings fresh, new and unique ideas and stories to the podcasting table; and that is a rare thing in a community of 2 million Disney podcasts.      

SHOW OF THE WEEK: WDW Kingdomcast Episode 14: In this weeks episode of Kingdomcast hosts Gary Hall and Hunter Nixon are joined by guest host Ron Bidnez to discuss Walt Disney World’s One More Disney Day event. There were a lot of podcasts in the past couple of weeks that focused on this topic, but these three guys did the best job at summing up the events. From start to finish this show a was an enjoyable listen, and I cant help but feel like I was listening to  three guys casually talking together at a bar. Why three grown men would be in a bar talking about WDW I have no idea, but that’s what this show sounded like to me. The analysis is spot on, and the crew brings their unafraid, un ashamed sense of humor to the table. I think I like this show, because like WDW Fanboys, I can relate to the hosts. We are all about the same age. We talk, walk, and have the same sense, or lack there of, of humor. These guys are more relatable to me than your average Disney podcast, which is usually hosted by Disney moms who are too afraid to go on Big Thunder Mountain, and think Universal Studios is a dangerous place to be after 4pm; and that’s why Kingdomcast is the Show of the Week.   


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