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This Week in Podcasting April 29 - May 5

WaltCast Episode 140: From the firs time I listened to WaltCast I knew it was a very special show. Hosts Sean and Katie tend to switch up between doing shows that focus on Disney history and doing shows that focus on current events at Walt Disney World. Like some other podcasts out there, I find myself liking some of the WaltCast shows a ton, and the I find that a some of the shows are really take it or leave it; for me. I have said before that I am big fan of shows that discuss Disney history, so when Sean and Katie released this week show that cover the upcoming Eat to the Beat concert series at EPCOT, I found myself giving a bit of a "meh" to this weeks offering from WaltCast.  That being said it is more than evident that hosts Sean and Katie have some really greta chemistry. They are never afraid to disagree with each other, and equally important, they really know their material. From talking about what bands are playing at EPCOT, or diving into Disney history from 40 years ago, these two are really smart and have a vast wealth of knowledge. Unfortunately, smarts combined with great chemistry was not enough to make this weeks show from WaltCast anything more than just easy podcasting listening. Nothing terrible, but maybe I have set my standards for WaltCast too high. I need to realize that they cant do a show every week that breaks down Walt Disney history. Just like every review of every podcast, this is my personal view and perception of this weeks show in particular; you may listen to this weeks WaltCast and totally disagree with my less than stellar review this week.   

Communicore Online Episode 84: No doubt that this is one of, if not the best produced podcasts on the net today. When I first started to listening to Communicore I really did not like the Lest Day news segment, but like stank on zoo monkeys, the segment is really growing on me. Each show I find myself liking the segment more and more. This week host Shane Roberts shares the audio from the Disney Resort tv show, Disney Must Do. To be more than honest, since I am at Disney every month, and I hear this show play over and over and over, I fast forwarded past this part of the show.Since the Disney Must Do audio was the majority of the content of this weeks show, and I didnt listen to the segment, this review will be short. Although, I learned a heck of a lot from this weeks hidden Mickey segment. Even though a lot of Communicore Online shows clock in at under 30 minutes, host Shane manages to get a lot of information to the listeners. It may be minute by minute, one of the most efficient shows today. He does not waste much time at all and, again, the production quality combined with the end of show "advice" or word of wisdom from Shane makes this a great listen. You might say that this show is a "Must Do".  

You MouseCast Episode 47:  Ok. Well I have to admit that I went through a phase where I was really down on British Disney podcasts; see my recent review of Minnie Minxes. Not because I hated the shows, or thought they were awful, but only because i was finding it increasingly difficult to relate to the shows from people across the pond. As an exercise in the Japanese of "kiason", the act of continuously trying to improve ones self, I am diving back into the British wasters and I am starting things off with a review of this weeks Your Mousecast. This podcast my be one of my favorite segment based programs out there today. The structure of the show makes it very easy to listen to and the format does not cause the listener to strain themselves with trying to keep up with the show. Some shows are very stream of consciousness and this could be a very difficult listen if a listener is trying to focus in on a certain topic. The news segment this week is an average one from Chris, Alan, and Steve.  They do delve into a little bit of Euro Disney talk and my inner Yankee who only want to hear WDW talk was starting to squirm like a 6 year old in a dentist chair. But much to my surprise, not only was the Euro Disney chat tolerable, I actually learned a thing or two! The marathon trip report from guest Nathan was a standard trip report, but it was a good listen non the less. The main feature segment about the groups top 9 restaurants was a good segment. The guys really know their stuff and keep you laughing, sometimes unintentionally I think, during the entire segment. Your MouseCast is not on my immediate go to list of podcast each week, but with a few more information packed shows like this, it soon will be. Well, a few more shows like this, and if they drop the continuously playing Fantasmic music in the background. That alone, would move the show up a spot or two on my "list". Don't get me wrong, I love Fantasmic, I just don't want to hear it 5 times in one show!         

Show of the Week: Magical Definition May5, 2012: Objectivity is really important to me. When it comes to the things I read and in the articles I write. I to be completely honest with you all, the last few shows of Magical Definition were not too good. They were short, bland, and some of the material hosts Jim Hill and Nathan Rose felt discussed was old and very "been there, already talked about that". With that said, this weeks show falls back into the show that I learned to love. Jim and Nathan talk about the recent release of the Disney film, The Avengers. Even though Jim and Nathan have talked this topic to death, they bring a lot of important must hear information to the front. What I love the most about this weeks show, and the majority of the other Magical Definition shows, the hosts dont waste much time and they make sure they dont waste the listeners time. They make sure they give you the information you need to hear, and there is no filler. Jim has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Disney and the entertainment industry and his presentation of the information is almost perfect/. I know I am not the only one who finds myself hanging on every word Jim says. This weeks show is standard fare for Nathan and Jim; standard fare being this best theme park material out there in podcasting today!     


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